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The rides in the center of A Woodland Clearing are gentle or junior rides. We’ve placed an area called Kiddie Korner at the south east of this central area. It’s outfitted with GTT’s charming playground equipment and is further enhanced with playground items from Pat's Nostalgische Speeltuin set.

Image 08, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 2

At the north of the park is one of my favorite track types, Marlin Fantasy Slide which is a water slide CTR that comes with the Flying Turns marlin car. I’m more partial to it since I’ve done it over with TexMod ReTextures. I built this ride some years ago in another park, saved it after building, and have simply dropped it into this park.

Image 09, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 2

At the east of Marlin Fantasy Slide is our woodie which combines a traditional wooden track with a steel support spine. Steel spine supports used with a woodie track dispenses with the need to accompany any woodie with the obligatory forest of wooden supports. The cars on this track are a sleek, modern design that, although created for a steel track, work very well with this hybrid woodie.


At the far east in this park is our Looping Coaster where it can be observed that boarding has just finished on one of the trains which is about to leave the station.

Image 10, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 2

At one end of our Looping Coaster I’ve extended the track and have placed Phoenix Twister within this extension. Beyond Phoenix Twister is our Sports Cars Track. This is the same track that was in Hillside On The Lake. I liked it so much I’ve saved it there and have placed it here in the south east corner of this park. It’s truly turned out to be a wonderful track to have around.

Image 11, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 2

Although the pool is probably too large for this particular park, another of my goals with A Woodland Clearing, by way of experimentation, was to get the maximum amount of park on the minimum amount of terrain. At the rear of the previous image guests can be observed who are queuing for Sports Cars on an invisible queue. I’ve done this to reduce the appearance of the number of paths visible throughout this park. This works well here with Sports Cars because this invisible queue is at one of the far corners of the park.

Continuing around to the south side of the park is EP Euro Tower which has been done over with TexMod ReTextures.

Image 12, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 2

I’ve made an indentation in the pool decking in this area and Euro Tower has been placed into the indent. With Euro Tower and the pool seeming to be one attraction, overall it appears there are fewer attractions scattered about the park. In support of this I’ve also merged the Sports Cars and Euro Tower exits.

Except for Euro Tower the south side of this park is taken up with our other steelie, a Corkscrew Coaster called Mega Booster. This is the first substantial steel coaster I built in RCT1 and it’s appeared in several of my parks since. Each time I've added it to a park it’s been slightly modified. After I imported it into RCT3, it had to be re-done to make up for the fact there are no booster track sections in RCT3 and for the changes brought on by RCT3 to track physics.

Image 13, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 2

As an added bonus, when I got this track into RCT3 I was for the first time able to get twenty cars to one train. This track has a single train and in the screenshot the guests have just about done with boarding.

The image shows the south end of the suspension bridge that makes up part of the corkscrew’s queue. I considered putting this queue/exit underground but decided it would look better suspended above the pool where, unfortunately, it’s not a general use path but only provides access to the corkscrew steelie. If I ever expand this park in the future I'd set up the additional paths so they utilize the suspension bridge as a general use path rather than only as a queue as seen here.


In addition to minimizing access paths for attractions and overlaying the stalls & facilities I’ve built Golden Odyssey and Magic Carpets into the Pool Complex decking. Along with their underground access paths and with the use of TexMod to match the ride baseplates to the pool decking, at a glance the integration of these rides gives the appearance that guests access these rides directly from the pool.

Image 14, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 2

Image 14, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 2

It's a delight to see guests walking about the pool decking around Magic Carpets while it is operating.

Having walked our way around this little park we’re right back to Pool Complex which has already been mentioned nearer the beginning of this article. And there we are, our small park's mini tour completed!


Just like I flagged Options.txt to overlay several stalls in one spot I’ve used the same Options.txt flag to minimize the number of paths throughout this park by placing each ride’s entrance and exit on or above the same terrain tile. This makes it possible for there to be only a single path leading to and from the attractions which gives the stations and the park a more open appearance due to there being half the number of paths that the guests need to use for ride access. For information on how to stack stalls and how to combine queues & paths take a look over our article Maximising Your Small Park's Real Estate.

That article also shows how to combine ride exit paths and demonstrates the usefulness of putting a queue/path combination underground.

Because I've utilized Options.txt to overlap and stack various functions of A Woodland Clearing I’ve gotten a huge amount of park onto a small terrain.

At some point in the future I may present a financial summary in order to determine A Woodland Clearing's viability as a working park.

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