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Image 21, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 3

Having just exited the tunnel, situated on our suspended arch pathway amidst delightful views a few of our guests glean information under an ideal climate in a well-presented park.


Image 22, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 3

Children of all ages can enjoy a mini quest at the coast on Golden Odyssey.


Image 23, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 3

Insect House has turned out to be a double attraction. Here is a shaded, verdant scene in which miniature denizens behind glass are visited by guests who themselves are observed behind glass by other park guests.

Park Infrastructure

A functional infrastructure simply serves its purpose while a great infrastructure is a part of the park’s design. Your guests should feel immersed in your park before they separately notice the conveniences that make their visit enjoyable.


Image 24, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 3

This is the largest jewel in the crown of my Arched Supports and Railings set. I like to think the park guests get about halfway out onto this walkway before they realize what it is they’re standing upon.

Image 25, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 3

Here is the same span showing my Volo daVinci station CSO to advantage. After finding the queue it is likely the guests won’t closely notice the station structure until they’re waiting their turn to board this Italian Renaissance-themed track.


Image 26, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 3

More than just functional, the goal in creating this inviting system of paths was to give park guests the impression that it might be an adventure to find out where it is that these paths lead. Except for the missing pool path supports which have not yet been imported, this image represents almost exactly what I think a pool complex should be. At the top right of this image the path leads into The Sandwich Terrace.


Image 27, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 3

Exampled here is the supplementary support column that I added to my Arched Supports and Railings Set. This image displays how nicely the column integrates with the rest of the set and with the park in which it is placed. Facing north-east from this vantage point may be observed an interesting and unusual view of the park.


Image 28, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 3

A little further along towards the right there is infrastructure along with atmosphere.


Image 29, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 3

Now facing south-west we've pulled back for this distant view of the same area. As you see, several paths and attractions converge in this spot. Such a set-up would look awkward with the in-game paths but CSO’s have turned what could have been an infrastructure nightmare into a lively area of interest.


Image 30, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 3

Across the bay, here is another image showing my Arched Supports and Railings supplementary support column. Again we can see how well the individual pieces work together in this set.


Image 31, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 3

There are so many great things going on in this image. We can see the pool shader canopy beautifully framing the pool complex in our POE Building 4 Set Presentation Park, the fabric on the pool lounger set is seen here to advantage, there is an inviting glimpse of the bougainvilleas on the pergola along with sight of the park beyond, to the left of that can be seen the POE Building 4 Set accent pieces, and of course there are our guests immersed in our park.