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This moderately sized park began as a blank 128x128 sandbox. It was built specifically to demonstrate TNS Pool CSO sets along with pool path custom supports in a park setting rather than in a demonstration setting. At one point the map size for this park was whittled down to 90x90.

One doesn’t want a tiny park in the midst of the empty 3-D space that comes with RCT3 so I finally got around to creating my Tree Lines, something I’d been wanting to do for quite some time. After the creation of my Tree Lines set, so that the trees wouldn’t be flush against the attractions near the edges of the park the terrain was again increased to 100 x 100.

After the initial layout had been roughed into place, while I was considering how I could theme the park so as to enhance TNS' sets I thought to include DasMatze’s Fences & Railings. I did that to provide a few more images to add to Our Spring 2019 Showcase! article. It had bothered me from time to time that the only images on display in that particular Showcase! were demonstration images. As I had no recent parks that included DasMatze’s set I believed this an excellent opportunity to display his fences and railings in a park setting.

Park Entry

There is no park entrance in this park. Guests arrive at A Woodland Clearing by simply appearing about the paths.

Pool Complex

Since this park was built specifically to showcase TNS Pool CSO sets we’ll start our tour with the pool which is on the large side. I’ve observed that with six hundred guests using it and with many of those guests queuing for the five water rides ‘n’ slides, both the pool and Lazy River often appear deserted. Because the pool complex can absorb so many guests it can take awhile for this park to look like it’s being sufficiently attended. The most guests I've had so far before sending them all home in A Woodland Clearing is about 1,200.

Image 01, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

Image 02, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

Image 03, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

One of the first things I built in this park was the river track and with no other attractions in the park at that time it was always crowded with guests. I matched the size of the pool to the size of the river track and have filled in some of the spaces next to Lazy River with pool decking so the river and the pool appear to be all-in-one.

I’ve learned more about guest flow about RCT3 pools with this pool than with any other I’ve previously built. In view of this new knowledge I’ve taken on board there’s a good chance that this will be the last enormous pool complex I’ll ever build for any park that is not entirely a water park.

Image 04, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

We provide a thorough look at the interconnected attractions that make up this Pool Complex in our Fall 2020 Showcase! TNS Pool Paths & TNS Pool Terrain.

Pool Shops Plaza

There is a small pool shops plaza in this park. It’s made up of four stalls and is situated near the two pool entrances. Our pool stalls offer swimsuits, sun shades, inflatables, and sun ‘n’ skin care.

Image 05, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

Paths And Queues

At the start of designing each park that I build, while the park is being planned I like to rough out the paths where I believe I want them to be before settling on anything definite. A good set of paths to use as markers for this purpose was Joey's Efteling custom paths set. They were pretty bland in appearance and with no fence posts or railings they did little to detract from the direction that the theming in the park would eventually take. It always seemed an inconvenience that there was no Efteling queue to go along with the Efteling paths.

Since learning how to use Path creator I’ve made a simple path & queue marker set of my own which also has no posts or railings. I’ve uninstalled the Efteling paths and use my own set as path & queue markers. This is the first park throughout which I’ve placed my marker paths and I was so happy with their appearance I decided I’d keep them in place and make separate CSO railings especially to go with them. An example of these railings can be seen in the image below, where the suspended queue starts for the corkscrew steelie.

Image 06, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

My CS railings include the in-game tribal fence texture. The suspension bridge built to support the flying path above the Pool Complex was created especially for this park to coordinate with the path texture and with the CSO railings I had made.

Food Court

Along the north and the west of the park there is a single food court which has been built in an “L” shape. By using the AttractionSceneryAllowSceneryIntersect 1 Options.txt flag, any number of stalls can be overlapped on the same terrain tile which makes it possible to have a huge number of stalls in a small park. Guests will attend one stall or the other regardless of how many stalls are there because they’ll only perceive a single stall to be in any one spot. If there are four overlapped stalls all attracting a number of customers the guests will only consider the one stall they’re actually going to use before determining if that area as busy or not.

Image 07, My Projects - My Parks, Vanguard West, Page 1

Strobing Vendors

To get around the problem of several different vendors performing varied activities in the same place I’ve created an invisible custom stall with an invisible vendor. This is handy if I want five Drinks stalls in the same place. To achieve this I’d place one in-game drinks stall and then overlay that with four of my invisible stalls/vendors, with each of the invisible stalls/vendors being set to sell drinks. I’d do this each time I want multiple stalls in the same spot. This ensures I don’t have several vendors in one place giving the appearance there’s a single vendor there with several heads and lots of arms.

Glitchy Loop

Most gamers are aware that when we place two stalls in our park and those two stalls are both accessed from the same path tile that guests arriving at one of the two stalls will get glitched up in an endless loop of walking from one stall to the other. When we overlap stalls as suggested in the previous paragraph this glitchy loop can be avoided by only placing multiples of the same stall type in the same spot.

For example, we wouldn't overlay one Hot Dogs stall, one Drinks stall, and one Coffee stall on the same terrain tile because this would bring with it the glitchy loop. To avoid the glitch we'd place three Hot Dog stalls on the same terrain tile, or place four Coffee stalls in one place, or several Drinks stalls on the same spot. Both the stalls and the facilities can be overlapped in this way although when using this method of overlapping attractions the glitchy loop remains a problem when overlapping several Information Booths in the same place.