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Our research indicates that RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 was intended to have additional features, such as:

Cityscape Earthquake

It's been revealed that at one point in RCT3's development Frontier had made some progress on a ride event for a cityscape earthquake. Please see this webpage for more details.

Themed Restaurants

If one looks through the Vanilla folder and at the Adventure, Space, Spooky, and Wild West directories inside Themed we’ll notice they include a folder called "Resturants" [sic]. This suggests that at one time there were plans to include restaurants with RCT3, and that it appears a different type of restaurant was being planned for each of these themes.


In the ACAM folder where the Buggy OVL’s reside there are also Truck OVL’s and Vehicle OVL’s. Possibly other vehicles were intended to be included with the game at some point but were later dropped for some reason. Perhaps after tranquilising an animal it might have been planned that we needed to get the animal’s crate onto a truck and drive the captured animal to the enclosure.

It is not known what other purpose a truck might have served us in the game, or what sort of vehicle is suggested by the Vehicle OVL.

Animal Shelters, Cattle, and The Wild West

If one were to review some of the SIDS for the items that came with RCT3 one would notice that among the animal shelter SID's there is no SID named Small Herbivore House, a structure that uses the Cattle Shelter SID. As there are no cattle in RCT3 it's a safe bet that at one stage during this game's creation the developers were considering adding cattle to RCT3 in some way, possibly as part of the Wild West theme. Imagine if they had created a cattle stampede ride event!

The is also no SID called Large Herbivore House but it uses the Rhino Shelter SID. In the Program Files folder animal shelter SID's have the same names as the folder names identifying each animal house inside the Shelters folder. In view of that we can make a few additional observations:

  • the Elephant Shelter and the Giraffe Shelter are the only animal houses used by a single animal type (Elephant House and Giraffe House)
  • only monkeys and apes use the Monkey Shelter (Ape House)
  • both bears and cats use the Big Cats Shelter (Carnivore House)
  • camels, hippos, pandas, and rhinos use the Rhino Shelter (Large Herbivore House)
  • horses, kangaroos, ostriches, gazelles, and zebras use the Cattle Shelter (Small Herbivore House)

It is quite possible that the animal houses in our game were meant to be more species specific, and we suggest that at one time more than six animal shelters may have been planned for RCT3.

Wave Pools & Deep Pools, Beaches,

Pool Plumbing, and Additional Soaked! Stalls

While it’s currently possible in RCT3 for us to build one standard pool and then add another pool in our park just for waves (by adding wave machines), it seems that specialty wave pools, including a wide variety of wave types, were planned to be separate from regular pools.

Initial plans for Soaked! would have required gamers to consider pool complex plumbing for water supplies and to manage a pumping & filtration set-up.

Today we know that in RCT3 the swimming pools that came with Soaked! are all the same depth. During development, guest attitudes for Soaked! were to include preferences for the shallow end vs the deep end of our pools, which would indicate that there were initially plans for gamers to add pool sections in different depths. This author distinctly remembers for the first time opening the Swimming Pool Designer menu, looking for the deep end pool parts, and not finding them.

Mention has also been made that at one time development was under way to include beaches in Soaked!

While stalls for inflatables, swimsuits, sun shades, and sunscreen made it into the game there seemed also to be additional interest in creating stalls for towels, water wings, and bogey boards (presumably for use on shallow beaches). Mention is made of inner tubes being available but perhaps that evolved into inflatables.

You’ll find that article here.