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This article is for those who have downloaded the scenario Water World Resort. It will show how to add a rooftop pool complex to the hotel building that comes with the scenario.

To do that we first need to ensure we have to hand what we need. At this time you should already have:


The rooftop pool file, available at the end of this article.


The rooftop pool decorative structure file which has been saved as a scenery attachment along with a factice in-game Launched Freefall flat ride. The TRK with attachment is available at the end of this article.


Spice's Invisible Pool CS, available at the end of this article.


To coordinate the pool deck with the remainder of the hotel building the structure file attachment in "B" includes walls from Max Egypt CS set. You will need to have that set installed in order to use the attached structure. The link to download Max-Egypt set is at the end of this article.

Next we need to get busy deleting a portion of the hotel structure from about mid point. The following video will demonstrate what pieces to delete and where on the building to make these deletions.

With the deletions completed and our hotel structure now ready, the drop-in update structure we've attached to our TRK can be placed.

It would be helpful at this point to know what we included in the attachment structure. We show you in the following slideshow:

Slider: The Different Parts Of The TRK Attachment

So we can see the results that we'll get when this structure is used, as a test we've placed the rooftop pool complex and then the attachment structure in another example sandbox:

Slider: Structure Placement

This additional video gives a review of the structure update being placed in the hotel structure, and then the rooftop pool being put in place. The John Wardley cheat needs to be used in order to get the pool complex at the necessary height.

And here we are with our finished results.

Image 01 - How To's: Adding A Rooftop Pool To Your Existing Structure

There are four reasons we've saved this structure as an attachment to a Launched Freefall flat ride:


Using the SHIFT key it's impossible in the game to raise higher than 40m (130ft) any structures that are made up of several pieces. Scenery that's attached to a track or flat ride will raise as high above our terrain as we can raise the ride.


The use of the CTRL key does not work for scenery structures that need to be matched to the height of any scenery item already placed in the park. The CTRL key works as expected when matching the height of a flat ride at which time the structure attached to the ride will raise or lower along with the ride it's attached to.


Because in our particular example we've chosen to overlap some of the in-game wall set pieces there will be collision issues. Scenery placed along with tracks and rides have no collision issues.


Because it's the flat ride that can be raised the highest from the terrain without the use of the John Wardley cheat Launched Freefall is the first flat ride we reach for any time we want to attach scenery to a ride, although it doesn't matter in this particular example since the John Wardley cheat is needed to place the pool.


The Final Touch

So we've altered our original hotel building, we've placed the update structure to fill in the deletions, and we have placed our rooftop pool complex. If you've done this, by now you're in the happy position of choosing your pool deck framing and decorating options.

Slider: The Final Touch

However, we have yet to decide how guests are going to access our rooftop pool. Solutions to this challenge can be found in our article Suspended Pools And Guest Access Options.

My Projects - My Videos - Video Thumbnail: How To Build A Waterfall In A Swimming Pool, Image 01 My Projects - My Videos - Video Thumbnail: How To Build A Waterfall In A Swimming Pool, Image 01 Download: Rooftop Pool: Decorative Deck Cover Structure: Spice’s Invisible Pool CS: Max Egypt Set:

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