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Parchment Background Image for My Downloads: TexMod Packs: In-Game Skybox TexMod ReTextures on Download: Native Skybox TexMod ReTextures:

My Downloads - TexMod Packs: In-Game Skybox ReTextures - Screenshot Collage Displaying All Eight Skybox Retextures in This Final Skybox Update, v2.1, Image 01

These skybox retextures for RCT3's native skyboxes were inspired by djF's Terrain ReTextures. They've been created to complement the deep rich tones djF has introduced with his textures.

This pack is a re-make of my version 2.0. There have been several improvements and the appearance of each skybox is cleaner and more polished. All the skybox images are the same images as in version 2.0 except for the city skybox image which has been completely replaced:

In spite of the fact this is an update, when these skyboxes are selected in scenario editor the same skybox types will display in the same menu locations as before. If you have used a previously released version of this retextures pack, no skybox will need to be changed in your park because it’s in a different place in the scenario editor.

My Downloads - TexMod Packs: In-Game Skybox ReTextures - Black & White Screenshot Collage Showing the Previous Skyboxes, Enabling a Comparison Between the Previous Version and the Updated Version of This Pack, Image 02

Let's briefly review the skybox types:


Snow – This one’s straight forward: it’s for snow & ice parks.


City – Another straight forward backdrop suitable for city parks or for parks needing a metropolitan background.


Desert – This one will do for desert, western, arid hill, or possibly for space parks.


Hill – Finally! That atrocious in-game hill backdrop is gone. This backdrop is the one that will come up by default. For parks requiring a standard background.


Mountain – A versatile backdrop that might suit as a hill background, suitable for partial snow, icy space, and icy semi-arid desert.


Space – Suggested for desert, gothic, grunge, spooky, or a warm not-so-far-back-in-time prehistoric.


Spooky – Doubles as a prehistoric background. Will suit for gothic, desert, grunge, and can suggest a swampy background.


Island – A tropical backdrop ideal for island parks. A little stretch of the imagination and with the right park this could be used as a coastal desert oasis backdrop.

A copy of TexMod is needed to use this pack. TexMod information, instructions, and download are available here:

  TexMod Customized Add-Ins - Our Fact Page

This is the final update planned for this pack.