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[detail level value 0.0-3.0]

[draw distance value 0.0-3.0]

Set the LOD options for people.


Enable or disable showing the light-blue water level ghost grid that displays by default during pool construction.


Enable or disable showing the pool path editing icons while editing pool paths.


Water will reflect animals (ReflectEnable must already be flagged at 1).


Water will reflect background (ReflectEnable must already be flagged at 1).


Reflections of our park will appear in water bodies (ReflectEnable must already be flagged at 1).


At the default flag value, 0, only a single water surface is reflective. With this option flagged at 1 every water surface in the park at all terrain heights will be reflective (ReflectEnable must already be flagged at 1). At the default flag value our computer platform, configuration, and RCT3 installation will determine if the highest water level or the lowest water level appears reflective.


Water will reflect particles (ReflectEnable must already be flagged at 1).


Water will reflect people (ReflectEnable must already be flagged at 1).


Water will reflect scenery (ReflectEnable must already be flagged at 1).


Water will reflect terrain (ReflectEnable must already be flagged at 1).


Certain areas of water bodies will display a refractive effect, bending rays of light that pass through them.


[x value y value]

x=width, y=height

Set the screen resolution in which our game displays, e.g., if our screen resolution is 1440 x 900: x = 1440 & y = 900 so enter: Resolution 1440 900. Selected resolution must already be listed in options or must be our actual screen resolution. Failing that the game engine will either choose the nearest resolution listed in the game's GUI, or display the black screen of death.


[detail level value 0.0-3.0]

[draw distance value 0.0-3.0]

Set the LOD options for rides.


Similar to the Frontier cheat, items in our park requiring mechanics' maintenance will have increased reliability and will go a very long time before they break down. However, when they do break down mechanics will continue to inspect the ride without fixing it. Our computer platform, configuration, and RCT3 installation will determine if we may manually assign a mechanic to fix the ride, or if the ride needs to be deleted and replaced.


[detail level value 0.0-3.0]

[draw distance value 0.0-3.0]

Set the LOD options for scenery.



[0 for GF2, 1 for GF4]

Increase the compatibility of the game with the installed Nvidia GeForce card.


[0 for A8R8G8B8, 1 for R5G6B5, 2 for X8R8G8B8]

Set the pixel format in which the game displays.


Enable or disable shadows.


[0 = None, 1 = Static, 2 = Dynamic]

Select the shadow type desired. (To flag 1 or 2, Shadows must already be flagged at 1).



In flagging language a skirt tree is a 2D tree so setting this flag with a value of 1 will disable 3D trees. Space-themed in-game vegetation, the three in-game Safari-themed trees and the two in-game Prehistoric-themed ferns won't display in 2D.


Shows internal track piece names (track section/TKS names) in the track editor.


Skips the introductory movie along with the banners that display when the game is launched.


[float value in seconds]

e.g., SkipCacheWarming 3.00

Set the number of seconds the game will wait for a warm cache. A higher value is more desirable than a lower value. A value that's too low could cause launch lag or errors. A value that's too high could have the game waiting unnecessarily for a cache that's prepared and on standby waiting for the game to access it.


After launching RCT3 this will result in the Main Menu GUI being skipped after which a 90 x 90 sandbox is immediately loaded. This sandbox comes with both the Guest Settings and Land Management and Status set at their default values, a mountain background, a temperate climate, with day & night enabled, and with all items  invented and available (except animal show mix master activities) at the start. To return to the GUI Launch Screen select the icon to Quit To Main Menu.


Enable or disable the sky. When disabled the sky lacks depth and appears as a single hazy pale blue colour (When enabling Clouds delete this entry or flag this entry at 1).


When placing flat rides this flag will level the terrain in increments of 1m below the ride in addition to smoothing the terrain; terrain tile edges will be snapped to neighbouring tile edges to eliminate exposed cliff faces. AutoLevelTerrain must already be flagged at 1. Works whether or not AttractionSceneryAllowTerrainIntersect is flagged.


[tricount value]

e.g., StaticBatchTriCutoff 80


[detail level value 0.0-3.0]

[draw distance value 0.0-3.0]

Set the LOD options for supports.


Enable or disable swaying trees, whether in-game trees or CS trees.


Allow for all photos to be taken.


Enable or disable roller coaster camera photos (TakeAllPhotos must be already flagged at 1).


Enable or disable photo spot photos (TakeAllPhotos must be already flagged at 1and  GuestsHaveNoCameras needs to be deleted or flagged at 0).


[0 for Celsius, 1 for Fahrenheit]

Select whether we want to use the Fahrenheit or Centigrade thermometer.


When building tracked rides in RCT3 the default direction of track building takes place in the same direction that the car travels as it leaves the station. With this entry flagged at "1," just like in RCT2 the track will start the track building backwards from the station. With or without this flag set we may edit/delete backwards or forwards from any selected point by using the cursor in construction mode to manually select either end of any track piece in any part of the track that we wish to edit.


Toggle camera movement during track editing. Our view of the game will move with each track section placed.


Enables the testing of tracks at the time we want to test them, even tracks that could not ordinarily be tested without the use of this flag .


[value 0.0-1.0 +ve for fixed fps,

value 0.0-1.0 -ve for capped fps]

Sets the update frequency of tracked rides. The higher the number the more stop-motion the animation becomes. May cause coasters to have extremely high crash rates or to act very strangely.


[detail level value 0.0-3.0]

[draw distance value 0.0-3.0]

Set the LOD options for tracks.


[0 for Metric, 1 for Imperial, 2 for Systeme International d'Unites]

Set the type of measurements used in the game.


[detail level value 0.0-3.0]

[draw distance value 0.0-3.0]

Set the LOD options for vegetation.

WaterBumpEnable or WaterBumpEnableReflectEnable

This flag is another way to disable realistic water reflections. When used instead of high quality water reflections, this generic reflectivity will ease the memory load on the game (To use, all other water body Reflect entries need to be deleted or flagged at 0).


If enabled, when the POV ascends from a water body droplets of water can be seen trickling off the lens (Refraction must already be flagged at 1).


Happy Flagging!

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