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For gamers who might like to know a bit more about RCT3’s Campaign Scenarios there doesn’t seem to be any one place to find a huge amount of information.  We are therefore pleased the present the community’s only Campaign Scenario Directory.

Just as no one actually reads the dictionary, few individuals will read through this data from start to finish. The purpose of presenting this information in directory form is for those gamers who might for example want to play a scenario offering generous loans, take on a scenario that specifically includes VIP’s, or perhaps try out a scenario with a challenge that pays a cash prize.

This directory might also assist those gamers who had been wondering which climate there was in a particular scenario, curious about the guest generation rate in another mission, or who might simply want a few specific facts and a glimpse of what a scenario looks like before opening it in RCT3.

So it will be convenient to look out a specific item in each listing by using the ‘find’ feature in your browser, the information is presented in a consistent list format throughout this directory. On the thumbnails below click on the name of any scenario to view its details. The two coaster illustrations that display after the scenario specifications in each listing are in a higher resolution so that the text is clear and more detail can be seen when zooming.


               Vanilla Hills


               Checkered Flag

               Box Office

               Fright Night

               Go With The Flow

               Broom Lake

               Valley of Kings


               Ghost Town

               A National Treasure

               New Blood

               Island Hopping

               Cosmic Crags

               La-La Land

               Mountain Rescue

               The Money Pit

               Paradise Island


               Captain Blackheart's Cove

               Oasis of Fun

               Lost Atlantis

               Monster Lake

               Fountain of Youth

               World of the Sea

               Treasure Island

               Mountain Spring

               Castaway Getaway


               Scrub Gardens

               Ostrich Farm Plains

               Egyptian Sand Dance

               A Rollercoaster Odyssey

               Zoo Rescue

               Mine Mountain

               Insect World

               Rocky Coasters

               Lost Land of the Dinosaurs

               Tiger Forest

               Raiders of the Lost Coaster

               Saxon Farm

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