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It’s a complete mystery why people in our parks sometimes get knocked over.

At times they look as if they’ve been bowled over like skittles. Sometimes with nothing that’s moving nearby we’ve observed employees and guests thrown perhaps 15 or 20 metres high and up to 20 tiles away from where they were originally standing. After this has taken place those individuals will stand after landing, appear to get their bearings and return to the path or to their patrol area.

Guests and staff will be affected by the movement of in-game items if the items move very near to where the person is standing. If, for example, your pool slide funnel exits quite close to and over the pool decking, guests exiting the funnel will affect the movement of guests walking on the pool decking below. Some guests will appear to duck in order to avoid the guest exiting pool slide funnel while other guests will actually get knocked off the pool decking into the pool.

The solution to this would be to alter the shape of the pool decking so that guest access is not directly below the funnel exit in that area.