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Not too long after RCT3 Wild! was released I built this 254 x 254 park landscape. It was one of the first parks I built with a landscape as large as I could get it in the game. In this park are the highest number of enclosures I've built in addition to the largest enclosures I’ve ever made.

Illustration 01, My Downloads, Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - FTA's Zoo Starter Sandbox

Although many of the animals are kept one species to an enclosure there are a few enclosures that are shared. These eleven enclosures contain every animal available in the game except for polar bears. Since I did attempt to use the in-game terrain to create realistic enclosures polar bears weren’t included because I couldn’t justify one enclosure with ice & snow in it located in a park with a temperate climate. I did consider surrounding a polar bear enclosure with glass to give the appearance it was refrigerated for the bears but the in-game glass walls set is very limited and with very little custom content available at the time I was unable to do this.

To prepare this park landscape for release I sent the 5,000+ game generated guests home. All of the tracks and most of the rides were removed along with their remnant staff patrol areas and the leftover queues and exit paths. To match the new character of this park I’ve repositioned Insect House, Nocturnal House, and Reptile & Amphibian House.

The Dolphin & Orca shows, the huge aquarium, and a spectacular pool complex complete with waterfall & adjoining cactus garden remain in their original positions as do the Monorail shuttle and the Mini Railway Shuttle. Both of the shuttles travel around the perimeter of the park and the number of trains on each has been reduced from twelve to three. Although this is now a Zoo Starter Park, because the pool complex is original to the park I’ve decided to leave it in for others to enjoy. It will be much easier for someone who doesn't want the pool to delete it than for someone who wants a pool there to build a similar one in the same place.

Illustration 02, My Downloads, Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - FTA's Zoo Starter Sandbox

Illustration 03, My Downloads, Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - FTA's Zoo Starter Sandbox

Illustration 04, My Downloads, Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - FTA's Zoo Starter Sandbox

There are three ornamental reflective pools near the north-west food court. They originally contained water rides that have now been removed although their queue and path remnants have been left in place for any gamer who’d like to put their own choice of water rides in these pools. These remnants would be convenient to delete if they're not needed.

Illustration 05, My Downloads, Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - FTA's Zoo Starter Sandbox

All of the enclosures are of the electric fence type. This is so that they would be uniform in appearance throughout the park.

Most of the original staff remain in the park, some with their original patrol areas. At the time I built this park I was experimenting with giving patrol areas only to animal keepers that fed the animals so you’ll see that the animal ‘feeders’ are the only keepers with patrol areas.

There are 400 keepers & feeders who care for the 200+ animals in this park. It seems that animal maintenance was due at the time I put this park away so to ensure this park was ready for upload and to even out the sexes (to encourage further breeding) I thinned out some animals and increased the number of others. Because rescued animals are enabled for this park I ran the park for awhile to be sure the rescued animals would reach at least a 50% healthiness level before considering the park suitable for upload.

Mechanics remain on patrol who are dedicated to enclosure fence maintenance. Other mechanics stay dedicated to pool maintenance. You will find 150 other staff about this park, some of those with patrol areas.

Throughout the park is a huge paths infrastructure with some of the lighting in place. I recall that this was the first park in which I confirmed it was necessary to place the attractions evenly about the park property in order to get the guests to use all the paths so I think I've done over the paths at some point which would explain why only some of the path lighting is in place. There are generic litter bins in the food courts and I’ve deleted the dozen or so benches that remained scattered about the park so the theming choice & placement of the benches has been left to the gamer.

Your park guests will be able to receive food, drinks, and merchandise from the park’s two sprawling food courts, one in the park’s north-west and the other in the south-east. The placement of refreshment islands is up to the gamer.

Illustration 06, My Downloads, Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - FTA's Zoo Starter Sandbox

Illustration 07, My Downloads, Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - FTA's Zoo Starter Sandbox

There was a third huge, L-shaped food court along the reflecting pool near the Neptune statues at the south east of the pool complex. If I recall correctly I had previously deleted this food court intending to replace it with two slightly smaller ones, one at the park’s south-west and the other at the park’s north-east. When the central food court was in place all the shops & stalls were represented in this park. I have no idea now what I was going to put in place of this central food court which would explain why this area remains stripped of any sub-paths and scenery.

To make up for all the deletions and changes that have been made to this park I’ve gone through the Attractions console and numbered the remaining shops and facilities so the numerical order is in sequence. For example, it would have seemed sloppy work to release this park with stalls numbered Drinks 02, Drinks 07, Drinks 11, Drinks12, Drinks 14, and Drinks 17. Now you’ll find these same stalls numbered Drinks 01, Drinks 02, 03, 04, 05, and 06.

When I recently opened this parksave I myself immediately saw that about a third of the tracks & rides could do with repositioning or replacement. Because it wasn’t likely the gamer downloading this park would want the same exact tracks and flat rides in the same places where I’d put them, this park has been stripped down to reduce the park's filesize and to minimize the number of items the gamer would need to delete after they’ve downloaded this park. In view of that there is plenty of blank terrain in this park for the gamer to add to his heart’s content his own choice of pool slides & rides, tracks & flat rides, and scenery & theming.

Illustration 08, My Downloads, Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - FTA's Zoo Starter Sandbox

This park started out and remains a fun sandbox park rather than a scenario park so as it stands there are free rides, free stalls, and free park admission which will enable the gamer to enjoy the complete sandbox experience.

Here are the specifications for this Zoo Starter Sandbox:



Loan (£20,000 maximum)


Starting Guest Attendance


Average Cash Per Guest


Entrance Fee

free entry, not fixed

Free Rides


free stalls, guests choose amounts of extras

Guests Want To Use Pools

not flagged

Park Hours

09:00 – 21:00

Park Starting Date

1 March

Visiting VIP’s

VIP’s not included

Park Value


Company Value




Park Size

254 x 254

Guest Generation


Other Guest Options


Park Operation Restrictions



all content available at start of game

Animal Restrictions

none, rescued animals enabled

Locked Animals


Mission Objectives


Challenge Prize


Apprentice Reward


Entrepreneur Reward


Tycoon Trophy   


For some idea of what to do with those open spaces inside and near the enclosures you might want to take a look at the first campaign scenario in Wild!: Scrub Gardens.

Anyone who’s downloaded this park who wishes to include polar bears, enclosing the polar bears’ enclosure with glass would probably be an easy thing to do these days with a custom glass walls set such as Moby’s Glasshouse And Frameworx. There is plenty of spare real estate in this park which would present little problem to any gamer desiring to add another animal enclosure.

If this park was converted into a scenario it would be the ideal park to see if one can earn profits from animal sale and eventual adoption fees. The park would probably need to be run from five to ten park seasons in order to gain any meaningful income from adoption fees. In my experience most park guests aren’t interested in paying adoption fees higher than £5.

There is no custom content in this park so you won’t need any sets in your Themed folder that didn’t come with your RCT3 installation. This Zoo Starter Sandbox Park is available for download at File Transfer Database.