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Dotted about the park are several refreshment outbuildings inside which are a food stall, a drinks stall, and restrooms. Guests may also find sunglasses, visors, and sun care products at the small but well stocked gift shop in these locations. Although food and drinks are available inside, guests will sit on the benches outside so that they may take in the scenery, enjoy the gentle summer breezes, and soak up the park atmosphere whilst refreshing themselves.

These locations serve more as a pit-stop for our guests.

Although this location is on top of a hill customers have told us that to sit here listening to the breeze whistling through the branches is like being in a forest. As a result of that, this area of our park is becoming known as The Forest. Our gardeners have suggested that perhaps it’s because our largest tree specimens are here that guests may feel this way.

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Park Outbuildings - Aegean Sands Refreshment Outbuilding, S.W., Image 01


The following images show both of our largest outbuildings. Originally we had considered open-air temple-like structures but opted into enclosed classic-styled buildings. We couldn’t let go of the idea of a pediment-style roof atop each of these buildings which resulted in these structures being classic rectangular shapes.

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Park Outbuildings - Aegean Sands Upper Block, Image 02

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Park Outbuildings - Aegean Sands Beach Block, Image 03

Because of the Roman-styled columns proposed in the original plans, until we decided to go with enclosed outbuildings the sites were known affectionately among the staff as Upper Temple and Beach Temple. We’ve only recently gotten used to calling them Upper Block and Beach Block. The first image is of Upper Block, known as such because it’s built on a hilltop. The second, built on what used to be a rocky beach before we developed the property, is Beach Block.

On the ground floor each of these two buildings is a lounge, restaurants, and moderately sized shops for park guests. The upper two floors are administrative and rest & recreation areas for staff whose duties are not based in the main hotel building. There are rooms available here for staff who wish to stay overnight.

Although staff who are based in the hotel building have separate administrative and rest & recreation areas there, we do encourage staff based in different areas of our park to mingle, socialise, and consider all rest & recreation areas as available to all staff.

We’re quite flexible and supportive in our attitude towards this policy. Staff who, for example, are on their lunch hour who travel from one building to another for their lunch, those staff have the travel time deducted from their work hours rather than from their lunch hour.


Welcome to our Pool Plaza. Seen on the right is our pool shops building. Across from that is the pool changing rooms/pool amenities building which is used by guests to access pool complex.

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Park Outbuildings - Aegean Sands Pool Plaza, Image 04

While the upper half of this building appears to be entirely decorative this is actually a two storey building, the top half of which is used by our pool staff for guest stores & supplies.

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Park Outbuildings - Aegean Sands Pool Complex Access, Image 05

This is the utility building used by our pool maintenance team.

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Park Outbuildings - Aegean Sands Pool Maintenance Utility Building, Image 06

For their convenience, our gardeners use high-powered electric cars with trailer attachments so they may take everything they need around the grounds as they attend to the needs of the park. There is an extensive system of hydrants in place both for fire safety and so that gardeners aren’t carting water around.

After we’d completed our pool outbuilding our gardeners indicated it would be convenient to them if we placed similar buildings for them about the grounds so they may have frequently used supplies closer to hand. We’ve taken their suggestion on board and are currently reviewing plans for such structures.


Here is a delightful clubhouse-style mini golf entrance building. I can just imagine the vendor inside in air conditioned comfort handing out greetings and advice along with the ball & club. The exit building for mini golf looks exactly the same.

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Park Outbuildings - Aegean Sands Mini Golf Entrance, Image 07

In our park we’ve set up a terraced arrangement for Mini Golf. Situated in a quiet area of our park on a hillside facing away from the rest of the park and overlooking the ocean, our fun golf course enables our guests to play pretend golf while feeling the serenity that comes in viewing horizon-to-horizon ocean panoramas.

As you see from the stairs leading up to the Mini Golf entrance building I’ve got some work to do yet on switch-back railings and on railing pieces that transition between two different post types.

You’ve probably noticed that supports are never on my priority list. I have no idea yet what supports to make for mini golf.