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TexMod was created as a modding utility originally for use with Tomb Raider 7 back in 2006. It works beautifully with RCT3.

With TexMod you can find, scroll to view, and then extract Direct 3D textures from from applications that use DirectX from DX9 upwards. TexMod will pack the altered textures into TPF files (TexMod Package Files). After packing the files and then loading the packs TexMod will take the edited textures and inject them into the game engine’s graphic stream which will result in the replaced textures being viewed on the screen as if they came with your game installation.

TexMod is great for ripping textures from in-game items if we're building add-on custom scenery. Texture files are made up of the colors, styles, and designs for all people, places, and objects in the game. TexMod will save images of these textures in BMP, JPG, and PNG formats, in addition to saving in other formats. The usual practice when using TexMod for RCT3 is to extract the images in BMP format and after editing to re-load them in JPG’s (for opaque images) and PNG’s (for transparencies).

After the ripped textures are saved you can edit them using any image editor of your choice. Edited images can then be saved and injected into RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 through TexMod. TexMod is essential to our game nowadays. It will help us coordinate our parks with the thousands of items of custom content available to us. TexMod will switch on your park giving it an appearance that’s pulled-together, and will make your screenshots and videos look like you have the total package:

TexMod Intro Page Image - Park Scene With TexMod

TexMod Intro Page Image - Park Scene Without TexMod

As useful as TexMod is its development stopped with its release. TexMod offers three modes:

Package Mode

This is the part of TexMod that is used to inject textures into your game. TexMod packs built by yourself or by others get loaded into your game in this mode. When using several packs, packs at the top of the list get loaded first and take priority over packs that appear later in the list.

Logging Mode

To extract textures from your game use this mode. With each texture that is saved a line will be added to the text in the TexMod.log file which is the mainstay of package building. A slight performance drop  in your game can be expected in logging mode.

Package Build

This gets used after the extracted textures are edited, saved, and the user wishes to build a TexMod package. Modified textures get compiled into a TexMod packages which save as a TPF file. The TPF files compress during creation which prevents further modification.

TexMod doesn’t modify any game files and specific modding tools are not required to use it. In view of this TexMod and the retextures contained inside the desired TPF packs will need to be reloaded each time you launch RCT3.

Mass Effect 3 is the only known game where it is possible to modify textures permanently by using TexMod. That’s accomplished by using TexMod in conjunction with another application called ME3Explorer.

The complete collection of FlightToAtlantis' TexMod ReTexture packs is available through this website:

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Our TexMod Tutorial can be found here:

  TexMod Tutorial

FlightToAtlantis' progress with TexMod can be seen on the following webpages:

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To use TPF's in your game and to get a start on creating your own TexMod re-texture packs you'll find TexMod available at File Transfer Database. The download link is below.