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One can use any number of guest injection points and they’ll all generate guests, as can be seen in the following image. Here we can see that the game engine distributes new arrivals evenly about the guest injection points with there being no preferred guest injection point or park entrance for arriving guests.

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Image 06, RCT3 FAQ, Setting Up And Switching Your Park Entrance, Page 2

By way of experiment the guest injection points are facing in opposite directions which doesn’t seem to have any bearing on the direction the guests head towards after they’ve arrived. In this example, so that there is no one-way effect that comes along with the guest injection point/park entrance setups in this park, each guest injection point and park entrance is centered on the same path tile.


When I closed all the rides and attractions in this park, departing guests took the most direct route to the park exit closest to the path they were using at the time that everything in the park was closed. This is well illustrated in the image below by the arrows to the north of the park entrances which lead towards the guest injection points marked as A and B.

Image 07, RCT3 FAQ, Setting Up And Switching Your Park Entrance, Page 2


Further illustrated by the arrows to the south of the park entrances there is a very light sprinkling of guests intermittently departing through each of the park exits and, again, this occurs immediately after closing the park in relation to where they may be standing at the time the park and all the rides & attractions in it are closed.

Image 08, RCT3 FAQ, Setting Up And Switching Your Park Entrance, Page 2


At the bottom of this illustration can be seen the south food courts. Access to any of the park south of these food courts is through the underground paths marked by C and D, the same paths that guests departing from the south of this park will use when leaving this park on their way home.

Guests departing the park through tunnel entrances C and D take the nearest stair onwards to the nearest guest injection point which, as it happens in this park, also leads to guest injection points A and B.

Image 09, RCT3 FAQ, Setting Up And Switching Your Park Entrance, Page 2

Ultimately, an estimated 95% of my departing guests will exit this park through guest injection points A and B.


Some groups will wait just where they were when the park was closed in order to join other members before leaving the park. Other group members will get near the park exits and then wait for the rest of their group there. In this particular park, marked as E in the illustration and between guest injection points A and B, is the path area near the entrances along which groups leaving the park will wait when when they go near the park exits to meet up with the remaining members of their group.

Image 10, RCT3 FAQ, Setting Up And Switching Your Park Entrance, Page 2

When these groups are fully assembled they leave the park through the park entrance nearest to where they were standing when they met up there along E.

When I have previously closed this park at various times, although everyone else had gone home there were always some 20 to 80 guests that couldn’t leave the park because

guests from the same group were stood waiting in different areas of the park to meet up with each other,

guests were stuck on rides that, although closed, were waiting for full loads before departing the station,

a few of the guests were simply lost, and

guests were stuck on rides because those rides had malfunctioned, e.g., in this park, although otherwise operating as regular, every once in awhile Observation Tower would have to be briefly be closed, put into construction mode, and then opened in order to release guests stuck on the ride that were unable to disembark during this ride's regular operating cycle.


Now here’s a complete picture of the routes used by my guests as they depart this park.

Image 11, RCT3 FAQ, Setting Up And Switching Your Park Entrance, Page 2


Swapping Your Park Entrance

To swap your existing park entrance with one that’s themed differently simply open your park in Scenario Editor and delete the unwanted park entrance.

Depending on the replacement park entrance, if necessary delete the path tile where you want to place your new park entrance. Then place your new park entrance.

Belgabor’s Invisible Park Entrance

Belgabor’s Invisible Park Entrance is essentially a guest paypoint without a park entrance. It’s handy for when we want to use a guest generation point in our park but

we don’t want a park entrance to go with it, or

we want to make our own park entrance out of CSO’s.

This is the most convenient of all park entrances to place as it can be placed directly on path tiles and over any existing guest generation point so there is no need to remove either of these.

Just like with the in-game park entrances, if you like your guests to enter your park in one place and pay for park entry at another location you can place the in-game guest generation point and the Invisible Park Entrance on any path tiles convenient to you.

Unlike other park entrances, the Invisible Park Entrance will work whichever way it is turned so it does not need to be facing in any particular direction. It places easily on path tiles that are directly on the terrain and also on suspended paths.

If your Invisible Park Entrance is placed directly on terrain and you’re having trouble getting it to work refer to the sub-header Proper Placement which appears early on in this article.

To place the Invisible Park Entrance on suspended paths you need only click near the center of the suspended path tile where you want your entrance to go and it will correctly place on that path. If you don’t click close enough to the center of the path tile the Invisible Park Entrance may place on the terrain behind the place where your cursor happens to be.

If you’d like to experiment with the positioning of the Invisible Park Entrance without placing your suspended paths first the Invisible Park Entrance can be raised off the terrain with the SHIFT key.

For any of our site visitors who’ve been baffled by this we’d like to think that this little article has been helpful.