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GTT’s Glas Labyrinth is an incredible masterpiece created by the CFR master, Green TomTom. In releasing this amazing CFR GTT has pushed all our switches.  This house of glass ROCKS!!

Housed in a funfair-style building this glass maze CFR is a delightful addition to any park.  It’s sized most suitably and is three-way recolorable. The images GTT has used on this CFR are of good quality.

Inside the building the guests walk off-grid which adds interest. Impossibly, in a world where glass panes vanish behind other glass panes this ride shows a view of glass through glass through glass and the guests can be seen through all the transparent layers. The guests move through the labyrinth naturally and each guest seems to take a different path. Whatever characteristics they have while walking throughout your park they display those same characteristics while walking through Glas Labyrinth.

When the mechanic inspects the house of glass he walks throughout the maze and does a complete inspection. The Glas Labyrinth comes with a vendor at the entrance. The entrance and exit are placed 2m from the path rather than at the standard 4m.

Added to the touch of realism that comes with this CFR there is a short area above the glass panels that suggests natural ventilation inside the building for the park guests. Glas Labyrinth lights up beautifully at night.

The release of this groundbreaking CFR was a landmark, historical moment in the creation of CFR’s for RCT3.  Congratulations for your fine work GTT!

The download link for GTT’s Glas Labyrinth is below.

Hall of Fame: Summer 2017 - GTT's Glas Labyrinth - Image 01 Hall of Fame: Summer 2017 - GTT's Glas Labyrinth - Image 02 Hall of Fame: Summer 2017 - GTT's Glas Labyrinth - Image 03 Hall of Fame: Summer 2017 - GTT's Glas Labyrinth - Image 04 Download: GTT’s Glas Labyrinth: