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We'll start with a basic shuttle configuration which is made up of two stations with an adjoining track. In this track setup the train:

will take guests from Station 1 to Station 2, next

the train will take additional guests from Station 2 to Station 1,

and so on.

Image 01, Park Shuttle Configurations - Basic Shuttle Configuration

In order to set up this configuration you’ll need to click on your track, select Operating Mode (the cogs icon near the bottom right), and in the top left of Operating Mode change the setting there from Continuous Circuit to Shuttle.


If you choose to place an additional station on your basic shuttle track the same settings as above will apply.

Image 02, Park Shuttle Configurations - Basic Shuttle Configuration With Three Stations

As you can see in our illustration, although it is called a basic shuttle track configuration, unless you would prefer it that way there is no need for it to be in a straight line.


This next image shows a standard continuous circuit configuration.

In this continuous setup the train leaves station A, traverses the track and returns to Station A. This is the usual setup for a coaster, although with a coaster the track configuration has lifts, drops, and more imaginative turns.

Image 03, Park Shuttle Configurations - Standard Continuous Circuit Configuration

If you’ve built your shuttle as a continuous circuit like this there is no need to make any settings adjustments in Operating Mode to change the track type. The default Continuous Circuit setting will do just fine.

Of course you don’t need to construct your shuttle in straight lines as we did in this example track. You may use as many curves, lifts and drops as you like.

However, our example continuous shuttle isn’t really a shuttle. As it stands it’s simply a very large flat ride which won’t take your guests to another area of your park. Continuous circuit shuttle track options are increased when you choose to use

more than one train, and

more than one station.


Image 04, Park Shuttle Configurations - Standard Continuous Circuit Shuttle Configuration

In this example we have a total of two stations and two trains. RCT3 allows

up to four stations on a single track and

up to ten trains on your track provided there are long enough station platforms to accommodate your trains.

With this configuration our guests can get on our shuttle in one area of the park and get off at another.

The number of trains and stations you choose will depend on how much park you have and where you want your guests to access your shuttle. You might for example want to have

two stations and one train,

three stations and three trains, or

four stations and eight trains.

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