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Herring, sharks, and mantas can't be placed in our parks by the gamer. They will be generated for us by the game engine when the conditions are suitable for them. These conditions require that the bodies of water have enough breadth and depth.

Regardless of the size or number of bodies of water in our park the game engine places one school of herring, one shark, or one manta every X number of water covered terrain tiles. Once they’ve arrived our marine animals will swim about then disappear and transport intermittently among the bodies of water in our park eventually showing up throughout all water bodies that are spacious enough for them. Once marine life shows up in our pond they are not resident there, rather they will come and go at random. In a smallish, single body of water herring will sometimes disappear from one end of the pond and transport to the other end. The larger the body of water the more likely it is that we’ll often see marine life in it.


We can confirm that herring appear in bodies of water as shallow as two meters and with a minimum of 5x10 terrain tiles containing that depth of water. Herring will appear in ponds placed anywhere in our park including in ponds inside animal enclosures.


Sharks will also appear in two meter deep water but need a minimum of 10x10 terrain tiles containing that depth. The body of water will need to have one edge on the terrain map boundary in order for sharks to appear. In deep water, from bottom level to mid-depth sharks arrive in our park in an upwards swimming motion until they reach the water surface where they'll take on a natural upright position and swim about on the surface until they transport. Sharks do not hunt for herring.


Mantas require water that's a minimum of three meters deep with at least 15x15 terrain tiles containing that depth of water. Like sharks they need water that's on the edge of the terrain boundary. Manta will appear anywhere from three meters to twelve meters beneath the water's surface after which they'll swim down to the bottom. If the bottom of the sea is deeper than twelve meters they’ll stay at that level and cruise around in the open sea no deeper than twelve meters. If our park has coastlines manta will tend to swim about our park near the shores anywhere the water is between three meters and twelve meters in depth.


Herring, sharks, and matas won't swim into the same 5x7 water space that's taken up by Dolphin and Orca Shows. While ducks have been observed to swim outside the boundaries of the terrain map, herring, sharks, and mantas always remain within the boundaries. Neither herring, sharks, or mantas will swim into water that's 1m in depth.

Our underwater inhabitants don't ask us for much but we do need to know just what it is that they require so as to ensure they're able to visit our parks.

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