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We're pleased to be able to introduce this comprehensive list of locked tracks which includes track specifications and illustrations displaying the size & configuration of each. To anyone interested in unlocking a particular track this directory, listed in scenario order, will enable one to easily find the mission that needs to be completed in order to achieve this.

If someone has unlocked one of these tracks on their RCT3 installation and has shared that TRK file with someone else, if the person receiving the shared track has not himself completed that mission to Tycoon status on his own RCT3 installation then that TRK will show as locked when they try to select it in their own Track Browser, something that will occur even if the name of the TRK has been changed beforehand.

There are two work-arounds to this, both of which require that another individual prepare his own unlocked TRK files before sharing them. For those of us not acquainted with someone who's unlocked any specific TRK that we'd like to have, it is necessary that one completes a mission to Tycoon level on his own RCT3 installation in order to enjoy the use of a locked track.

The Nova Team's PRF's along with our Locked Tracks Directory will enable you to conveniently locate and unlock a particular track. To view the details of any track click on one of the menu illustrations in the column at the right.

Vanilla Campaign Scenarios

Vanilla Hills


Wooden Coaster




Wild Mouse Coaster

The Flying Mouse

Checkered Flag


Spiral Coaster

The Golden Sword

Box Office


Mine Ride

Mine Mania

Fright Night


Hyper Twister Coaster


Go With The Flow


Floorless Roller Coaster


Broom Lake


Junior Coaster

Caterpillar Racer

Valley of Kings


Inverted Shuttle Coaster

Dicing With Death



Inverted Coaster

The Asp

Ghost Town


Standup Coaster


A National Treasure


Twister Coaster

Flight of Death

New Blood


Side Friction Coaster

Side Splitter

Island Hopping


Compact Inverted Coaster

Fear Slinger

Cosmic Crags


Wooden Coaster


La-La Land


Looping Roller Coaster

The Vine

Mountain Rescue


Inverted Wild Mouse

The Screamer

The Money Pit


Standup Twister Coaster

Blue Rattler

Paradise Island


Vertical Drop Coaster

Clover Leaf

Soaked! Campaign Scenarios

Captain Blackheart's Cove


White Water Rapids

Piranha Falls

Oasis Of Fun




Lost Atlantis


Sky Rider


Monster Lake


Sea Serpent Shuttle


Fountain of Youth



Hershey Rollersoaker

World of the Sea


Turbo Bikes

Super Bikes

Treasure Island


Glider Coaster

The Aviator

Mountain Spring


Giant Flume


Castaway Getaway


Turbo Bikes


Wild! Campaign Scenarios

Scrub Gardens



Scarlet Bean

Ostrich Farm Plains


Splitting Coaster

Butterfly Knot

Egyptian Sand Dance


Towering Coaster

Neon Drop

A Rollercoaster Odyssey


Dizzy Dropper


Zoo Rescue


Drifting Coaster

Drifting Dragster

Mine Mountain


Spinning Steel


Insect World


Rotating Tower Coaster

Bright Towers

Rocky Coasters


Spinning Steel

Spin Crazy

Lost Land of the Dinosaurs


Towering Coaster

Towering Turns

Tiger Forest


Splitting Coaster


Raiders of the Lost Coaster


Extended Coaster


Saxon Farm


Splitting Coaster

Racing Demon