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I’ve known for a number of years this is something that occasionally happens in my parks but it’s only recently that I’ve discovered how to make such an occurrence happen at a time I’m ready to document it.

The clips in these videos originated in more than one park and were recorded at different times when each discovery was made. They’ve been assembled so that the viewer will have no trouble understanding what is being presented.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words we’ll move directly on to our lead video.

My Projects - My Videos - Video Thumbnail: Reappearing Invisible Vendors Lead Video, Image 01

So as you’ve seen, invisible vendors become visible when:

invisible queues are used along with invisible vendors,

the invisible queue is extended beyond the invisible vendor, then

the unnecessary extended part of the invisible queue is deleted.

Here is a little additional footage of guests using the queue line with the invisible vendor in view nearby and away from his booth.

My Projects - My Videos - Video Thumbnail: Guests Levitating To Entrance Booth Supplemental Video, Image 01

I further present some footage I took while satisfying my curiosity as to what the invisible vendor would do while reappearing in additional situations.

My Projects - My Videos - Video Thumbnail: Invisible Vendors Reappearing In Additional Scenarios Supplemental Video, Image 01

So there we have it … our study in reappearing invisible vendors.

 Author: FlightToAtlantis