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The Standard Approach

In order to achieve this the first solution that comes to mind would be the standard approach which is to simply place paths leading to the pool access points.

Image 09 - How To's: Suspended Pools and Guest Access Options

The entrance and exit for monorail have been stacked in support of minimizing the number of paths in view in this area of the park.

So there aren't too many paths all in one spot and to add interest to the pool's access, one of the pool access paths leads around to the other side of the pool deck - an arrangement that adds excitement to the Magic Carpets ride below.

Image 10 - How To's: Suspended Pools and Guest Access Options

Notwithstanding our efforts to tidy the appearance of these paths, as they stand all these walkways do detract from the open, airy appearance given by the ornamental deck placed atop the Egyptian columns.

A Second Choice

Our second option is to cross stack track or flat ride access with the pool access. In the following image we've exampled this with the park's monorail track.


Image 11 - How To's: Suspended Pools and Guest Access Options

We've also rearranged the west end of the pool paths by extending them further in that direction so as to minimize the number of paths immediately below the pool access points. With the entire area now giving a more open, airy appearance this treatment has turned out to be a rather elegant solution. Another good thing about this arrangement is that although both pool access points are in the same spot guests actually access the pool in two different areas at the places where the pool access paths lead from the park's main path system: one at the north of this mini park and the other from the south.

While this treatment gives the appearance that these suspended paths are all one access system, with this approach the east end access remains a standard path while the west end of the pool access has become the monorail's queue/path stack in addition to becoming the pool's west access point path. Technically, this breaks the pool access into two separate sides.

Whereas before, guests who occasionally got to the top of the pool access paths bypassed one pool entrance to use the other, now guests will use either the pool's north access path for the east pool entrance, or the west access path for the other pool entrance as shown with the arrows below. Although this all looks like it's a single access system there is no footfall cross-over between the east pool access path and the west queue/path stack.

Image 12 - How To's: Suspended Pools and Guest Access Options

Mechanics can service the pool and the monorail as regular and entertainers will be watched by guests leaving the monorail via its stacked access.  Occasionally guests leaving monorail will walk directly into the west pool entrance to use the pool. However, guests leaving the pools west access point who next wish to ride Monorail will walk down the queue/path stack until they reach the main path where they'll turn around and then enter the queue for Monorail.

Our Third Option

The final method of getting our guests up to an elevated pool complex is to do away with pool access paths altogether.

With this solution guests will take a few steps near the edge of the main path and when they're beneath the pool access point they will simply float up to the pool entrance and then change clothes & enter the pool as regular. Guests leaving the pool will walk into the changing room, change, then float down to the ground. This is clearly demonstrated in the following video:

This method is useful for rooftop pools at the top of high structures because it eliminates the need for a huge number of stairs leading to or from such a high pool access point. The only thing needed for this method to work is that the main path is next to the position of the pool entrances.

To demonstrate where it is that the guests are accessing the pool using this method, in the following image the position of the pool access points above the terrain have been marked out in the same spot on the ground with terrain painting. Between the path tile and the terrain that's painted in a different texture is the spot where guests will access the pool.

Image 13 - How To's: Suspended Pools and Guest Access Options

In this treatment the appearance of pool access points don't really serve any purpose so it's your choice whether you wish to dispense with visible pool entrances and any pool entrance scenery, then replace with invisible pool access points, and then altogether close off the side of the pool structure with matching scenery. Although just that side of unrealistic, this is the cleanest most uncluttered method of achieving guest access to suspended pools.

Image 14 - How To's: Suspended Pools and Guest Access Options

Of course, after we've built our pool deck scenery, have placed our suspended pool complex, have enhanced our pool with scenery, and have placed rides and attractions about there is no reason we can't add a structure above our pool. If we choose to do this we should visually increase the weight and mass of the pool deck supports in order to make this a touch more believable.

Slider: Elevated Pool With Structure On Top

If you've downloaded our scenario Water World Resort and have used the links at the end of that article to download the rooftop pool & the scenery required for it, after following the instructions in our article Adding A Rooftop Pool To An Existing Structure to place your elevated pool, the paths that come with the scenario already built inside the hotel structure there need no further adjustment for your guests to start levitating to your rooftop pool.

So there we have it. Three different methods to get guests to access our elevated pools.

   This Article's Track Designs

There are three tracked rides in this demo park. One is the Junior Coaster that is one of the tracks already included in the Mega Track Multi-Pack.

Image 15 - How To's: Suspended Pools and Guest Access Options

The other two tracks have been created new in this park just for fun.

Zamperla Mini

This fun track is made from the charming CTR Cinipaes Zamperla Twister ML03 track type. Zamperla Mini can be downloaded here.

Image 16 - How To's: Suspended Pools and Guest Access Options

The Green Serpent

The other track is an Extended LIM CTR called LIMRCName in the Roller Coasters menu. The Green Serpent download can be found here.

Image 17 - How To's: Suspended Pools and Guest Access Options

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