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RCT3 is installed for the first time and it’s launched. ‘Now what?’ might be the question many of us have asked ourselves at this point before quickly realizing that the sky’s the limit and we can pretty much make any sort of park we fancy.

From terraforming that big empty lot to placing the paths to arranging vegetation to rides & attractions, we’re in for quite a journey ... a trip that might last several weeks to over a year.

Although many of the fundamentals are important there is no one way any park must be built and most of the fun derived from our own parks is in our choices while we're building and in the progress we make. Then there’s the enjoyment gained in sharing our parks on the internet, and the interest we take in viewing someone else’s idea of what a park might look like.

I’ve made several parks in the past, many of which I don’t any more like the look of. This is probably due to that the fact that I make my own custom items now and don’t use nearly as much downloaded custom content as I once did. Another reason would be my current stage of development with this game so most of my older parks will have no place on this website.

I hope you enjoy looking over my recent work.

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