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Many times while placing multi-station tracks about our park, after the track has been opened to guests we may observe that our trains sometimes don't stop at some of the stations.

The reason for this is that while building a park and adding track to it, because our heads are in creative mode and we're putting our best into our track most of us tend to start the track where we like and place the stations, entrance booths, and exit booths in any order convenient - after all, that's how creativity works. While building the track it's not likely the average gamer takes particular care to be sure the stations are placed in any particular order around the circuit. Sometimes after opening our track this results in the trains not stopping at our stations in any order that makes sense to us, rather the game engine is stopping the trains at the stations in the order that we placed them in the park.

If while creating your shuttle it turns out that you placed the stations as above or if you just want to be sure you won’t have any problems with your track, you need to get the game engine to organize your stations consecutively into the correct sequence. We do this by following these steps:

Close your track.

Reduce the number of trains on your track to one train.

Put the track into construction mode.

Close construction mode without making any changes.

Put the track into test mode.

After you've done this the game engine will place your single train and your Station 1 where they should be. Occasionally after doing this your first train will place with individual cars bunched up having no spaces in between them. Increasing the number of trains to two will correct this glitch, after which you may increase the number of trains you want to the total number that suits you. If after placing a second train to correct the glitch it turns out you only wanted a single train on your shuttle track you can simply reduce the number of trains on your track to one. The glitch will remain fixed.

After the game engine has sorted your track your trains will properly arranged and your stations will be organized from the first station, Station 1, into consecutive order. Your shuttle is now ready to operate as it should for your park guests.

Our fix will also get gamers around any difficulties with guests inexplicably not embarking or disembarking certain stations on the shuttle route.

To review how the game engine determines how to number the stations on your track, you might want to take a look at this article:

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