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One of the first things I missed when opening RCT3 for the first time was the chess set which I had used so frequently in RCT2.

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered how blobby the RCT3 chess pieces looked. Although they were glossy and colorable they didn’t come with gold trim. On top of that the chess pieces placed four to a map tile in RCT2 but in RCT3 they were way too big, what with one piece placing on each map tile. Because of their size & appearance in RCT2 I had a chess board set up some place in nearly every one of my parks.

After I saw the installed chess pieces in RCT3 for the first time the only thing I did with them after that was to build a chess set complete with board a few years later in a sandbox and save it as a structure. As far as I was concerned, with me and RCT3 chess that was the end of that … until I made this set.

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This set is made up of pieces in placements small enough so that four chess pieces fits on each terrain map tile just like they did in RCT2. Conversely, they are in a height similar to chess pieces in RCT3 for those who are happy with the current size of RCT3 chess pieces. The overall size of these pieces is ideal for landscape theming in fantasy parks or parks with an Alice in Wonderland type theme.

After an evolution of progress this set has now been released. This video will show what comes in the set and how the different parts are assembled.

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The download is available at File Transfer Database.