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When it comes to entering shortcuts and commands through our PC’s input devices during gameplay, information available for our review seems to be incomplete. Both the RCT3 manual and the in-game Keyboard Bindings menu contain some of this information but unfortunately we’ll find that the data in both these sources is incomplete. In view of that we’d like to present this comprehensive listing of Mouse Controls and Keyboard Inputs for RCT3.

Nearly all of the keyboard inputs are indeed universal and you’ll find most serve the same function in whichever camera mode we may choose to enjoy our game. However, each camera view has a few functions additional to and a few that are lacking in one or more of the other views. For example:

Advanced view is the only view that comes with three different sets of Mouse Controls, and is the only view that offers strafe camera movement.

In Normal view, tilting the terrain is only possible by holding the mouse control. When the mouse is released the tilt alteration reverts to the default terrain tilt which is the same as that visible in Isometric view. Possibly because the developers of this game considered Normal view to be the ‘basic’ view, Normal view offers no special features.

Isometric view does not offer the ability to tilt the terrain nor is there any zoom in Isometric view. Seemingly to make up for this there are two keyboard inputs for use with Isometric view that don’t come with the other camera views. Isometric is the only view to offer a rotation sensitivity adjustment and the only view to offer free-style rotation in addition to rotation in 90° increments.

Freelook view is the only camera view in which we may adjust the camera speed and is the only view that does not offer us the ability to zoom by using keyboard input. This is the only camera view in which we’ll be unable to use the mouse and the Map interface to move to a location in our park, or to locate a park guest through his Control Panel.

After exiting RCT3, when opening your park at another time, if the camera settings are already in Freelook you will not be viewing Freelook at its very best. You'll need to reset Freelook by going to Camera Settings, selecting another control mode, then again selecting Freelook.  You will again have the full benefits of the Freelook view.

Whichever view we start out with there is a single type of CoasterCam™. This same CoasterCam™ view displays even when it’s selected from within Isometric view. All the same keyboard bindings work in the same way for CoasterCam™ regardless in which view we are when we select it.

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