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The Object Importer allows us to take 3-D models, apply our own textures, and produce custom objects for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. Any object that can be viewed in the in-game scenery menus can be re-created to our own specifications and installed in our game with the Importer. Objects can be imported with nearly all the same characteristics as scenery items that come installed with the game.

The Importer is still occasionally known as Jonwil’s Importer as it was originally created and maintained by him until version 14 at which time he was unable to find the time to do further work on it. Development of the Importer might have ended there except DragonsIOA and Belgabor contributed further modifications. After that Jonwil was able to return to its development.

As a credit to its developers, there were just as many error fixes as there were added features during the Importer’s evolution. Since its inception the Importer has undergone a number of changes in coding, layout, and ownership. It is due to the painstakingly thorough analysis of the inner workings of the Importer, endless testing trials, and the application of their advanced coding knowledge that the contributions of these three community members have given us the Importer in it’s present form. Community testing trials of older versions of the Importer have also greatly assisted in directing the development of the Importer into the version that we know today.

The latest version of Importer now available is v18b2 (Build 521:svn 130). The 3-D models needed for the importer to work need to be created separately in a 3-D modeler such as SketchUp.

The Importer may be downloaded through the link provided below.