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This author has played RCT3 in XP, in Vista, and in Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit; on Platinum, on Vanilla/Soaked!/Wild!, and on Deluxe Diamond installations. Based on this the total picture seems be that not every cheat works with every release in every installation on every platform. However nearly everyone should be able to get some of the cheats to work on their particular installation.

If it seems the cheats are not working one could check the spelling of the cheat they just tried to make sure they've typed it in correctly. Some time ago on one of the forums there was a member who said the Jonny Watts cheat wouldn't work but he figured out later he was spelling it Johnny so be sure of your spelling. Upper and lower case doesn't matter and cheats do not require punctuation.  

However, if you've already tried a dozen cheats and none of them work it's not possible you would have made twelve spelling mistakes in one go. If this is your particular problem it would be time to consider that you might be one of the unlucky few that are using a release/installation/platform combination that's just not compatible with cheats.  I'm afraid the only option at this time would be for you to try every cheat to see if any of them will work for you.  

While upper and lower case doesn't matter when getting a cheat to work, after you've gotten a cheat to work and when you want to duplicate that cheat just enter the cheat code several times each time. Each additional time you use a cheat, using upper and lower case does count. For example, the John D Rockefeller cheat will increase your money by 10,000 units.  If you wanted 40,000 units, you would name the four guests, say:

john d rockefeller

John d rockefeller

John D rockefeller

john d Rockefeller

You may use any variation of upper and lower case that you wish.  

Cheats you have placed in your park will stop working if you've closed the park and then reopened it at a later time. After you've reopened the park you will notice the guests will still have the cheat names but whether using that same guest or a different guest you will need to put in the cheat codes again in order to have the cheat benefits.  

Jonny Watts:

One can only re-name a guest with this cheat. It is possible to scroll back and forth far enough to POV a staff member but one can't directly re-name a staff member and place themselves directly in a staff member's POV. When enjoying guest POV's if you make a mistake and scroll past a guest with a great POV it is not possible to scroll back to that guest to get that same POV. The order of the guests in the Jonny Watts/POV list created by the game engine is constantly changing. However, once you reach a staff member in POV sometimes it is possible to predictably scroll back and forth within the staff members' POV's.

Because the staff POV’s are sequenced and the JonnyWatts POV’s are random, if you scroll out of the staff POV’s you won’t usually be able to reverse scroll back into them.  


RollerCoaster Tycoon is one of the most constructive, non-violent games available. From time to time rumours circulate that RollerCoaster Tycoon includes additional features triggered by typing in names of terrorists or other evil characters. These rumours are entirely false.