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Another direction to take with Wonderland Themed chess is to make the chess pieces in architectural sizes.

I've gained some idea what this set might look like by simply enlarging the existing chess pieces and importing them into the game.

As you see, twenty-foot tall chess pieces don’t look too bad! This set is envisaged in two parts:

One part of this set will be made up of twenty- to thirty-foot tall complete chess pieces which would mean coming up with wall and roof textures so the pieces can look ‘lived in’ and less cartoon-y. Matching doors and windows will also need to be designed and there is a possibility that balconies and chimneys will be included.

These building-sized chess pieces would of course place directly on the terrain and will not be accompanied by any chess board. For terraformed parks, available to place beneath these chess buildings will be suitably themed, decorative, one-piece retaining walls with flat modelled terrain included. They'll come with railings & stairs and when placed will give the appearance of the chess buildings being built on small areas of level terrain that jut out a bit from the terraformed landscaping.

The other part of the set will be made up of only the decorative top of each of my chess pieces. These will probably be around thirty centimeters in height for use as wall and post toppers. Also being considered are the same sorts of pieces around a meter in height for use on buildings as architectural features, or around our parks either on plinths or directly on terrain as decorative landscaping.

While not as whimsical or charming as Wonderland Themed Mushroom Houses, Wonderland Themed Architectural Chess accessories will add distinction and character to your parks.