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Belgabor’s Invisible Doodads enable us to use the CSO’s of our choice to create stalls, facilities, & utilities in our parks which are then accessed by the guests just like the in-game items.

Although the download includes nearly twenty invisible items it comes with only three folders that each need to be placed into a different directory inside our RCT3 installation folder. The contents of these three folders will need to be installed:




A complete list of all the items that come in this set has been included in this article and you'll find the following illustration to be a helpful aid in showing where it is that the contents of these three folders need to be placed. At the right in the image are the folders we’d find inside our RCT3 installation directory. Do take special care to ensure you correctly install the contents of the Style directory. You will observe that none of the items in this set go into the Style/Themed folder.

Left mouse click on the image that is displayed below to see a larger version.

Image 01 Demonstrating The Installation Process, How To's: Installing Belgabor's Invisible Doodads

If you’re unsure about installing content into the Custom folder please have a look over our article about it here.

If you have installed any of the invisible items that were previously released individually by Belgabor you’ll need to uninstall those first before installing the items that come in this pack.

Belgabor has included visible textures with this download so that if you’ve placed invisible items about your park, have completely lost track of where they are, and you need to find them the visible textures can be installed so that when you re-launch your game and re-load your park these lost items will be easier to find. Once you’ve gotten things sorted you’ll need to reinstall the invisible textures.

For further information on Belgabor’s Invisible Doodads and our link to the download, see our Hall of Fame article here.

  Hall Of Fame: Belgabor's Invisible Doodads