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Again, as seen in the image below, before installing these PRF’s you would have needed to work your way up from the easier campaigns to the more challenging ones.

Repeat Image Displaying Campaign Expansion Headers Showing Locked Missions for RCT3 FAQ: How To Unlock All Campaign Scenarios

We can see there that missions we can’t access do not display a scenario thumbnail but will show a solid color thumbnail. This uniform thumbnail is accompanied by a red lock icon and displays how much or how little we have so far progressed in our Tycoon career. The green unlocked icon indicates which missions we can get started on in order to progress. Whether it is green or red, the lock icon simply means that we have not succeeded as Apprentice, Entrepreneur, or Tycoon at any of the scenarios where it is displayed.


For comparison, here again is what the same campaign expansion header displays look like right after installing The Nova Team’s PRF’s.

Repeat Image Displaying Campaign Expansion Headers Showing All Missions Unlocked for RCT3 FAQ: How To Unlock All Campaign Scenarios

The grayed out areas are gone and have been replaced with mission thumbnails indicating that all missions are now accessible in any order and at any time. Gone too are the red locked icons which have all been replaced with green unlocked icons.

The green unlocked icons are displaying because these PRF’s were never designed to make us Apprentice, Entrepreneur, or Tycoon but you can still see the scenario thumbnail illustrations, read their descriptions, and access every campaign scenario in any order that you wish. The lock icons are merely identifying which campaigns we ourselves haven’t completed to either Apprentice, Entrepreneur, or Tycoon status.


When you’ve earned your first apprentice rating in Vanilla hills and have saved that park, after the game engine has accessed and updated TNT’s PRF to acknowledge your own mission accomplishment, this is what your display should look like.

Image Displaying Vanilla Campaign Screen With Detail Showing Apprentice Level Reached for RCT3 FAQ: How To Unlock All Campaign Scenarios

Observe that with Vanilla Hills, the green unlocked icon has been replaced with the Apprentice icon. Each of the Apprentice, Entrepreneur, and Tycoon levels has its own icon.

Image Displaying Apprentice Icon, Entrepreneur Icon, and Tycoon Icon for RCT3 FAQ: How To Unlock All Campaign Scenarios

If we were to go back into the Vanilla Hills Campaign Scenario and achieve Entrepreneur status the baseball-style cap Apprentice icon would be replaced with the bowler hat Entrepreneur icon.

After you’ve made a little progress and depending on which missions you’ve left off at Apprentice, Entrepreneur, or Tycoon, you’ll see that eventually some of the green locked icons will become replaced with one of these achievement icons. This will enable you to tell at a glance how far you have reached as soon as you view your progress status of each campaign expansion display.


And, of course, when we’ve completed all the missions, here’s the display everyone would ultimately like to see.

Image Displaying Campaign Expansion Headers Showing Tycoon Status Earned In All Missions for RCT3 FAQ: How To Unlock All Campaign Scenarios


Mission Tips, Hints, & Behind The Scenes

For your enjoyment we’ve pulled together this collection of scenario facts, most of which are based on our own observations while getting to know Atari’s Campaign scenarios. We hope you will find this miscellany of information to be fascinating as well as informative.

We've assembled this handy directory of all the Campaign scenarios that come with RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. These webpages hold all the information you need to know ... from guest generation rate, average cash per guest, maximum loan, and climate. There's even a list of all the challenges that come with each mission so you'll know before you start, and illustrations of the coasters that are unlocked when each campaign is completed. You'll find this an indispensable addition to your gamer's toolbox.

  Directory: Campaign Scenarios

Locked TRK Files

Please note that these Campaign 9942.prf files will only unlock campaign scenarios. In order to unlock the locked TRK’s that came with your RCT3 installation each scenario still needs to be completed to Tycoon level.

Do take a look over our directory which displays complete information on all the Campaign scenario locked tracks including which missions need to be completed in order to access them.

  Directory: Campaign Scenario Locked Tracks

 Scenario HodgePodge
Download: TNT’s Campaign PRF’s