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This set will be made up of little chess pieces that will fit sixteen per terrain tile. As this Wonderland Themed Mini Chess set is little more than a concept at this time, we've used a pre-work up image for this article.

My Adventures In SketchUp: Mini Chess - Screenshot Displaying Set Pieces, Image 01

Counting both sides of a chess board there are thirty two pieces in a chess set. Sixteen chess pieces per terrain tile requires that those chess pieces place at ETC. If each piece was made separately to place at every possible ETC placement that would require making four placement versions of each of the thirty-two pieces. A chess set made up of 128 mini ETC chess pieces may be too many set pieces so the challenge in making this set is in deciding how many of which pieces to make in what placement configurations.

There are two possible directions in which to proceed:


Make all of the pieces in only some ETC placements.


Group some of the pieces so that they will place perhaps four or eight at a time.

The most likely solution would be a combination of A and B.

The pieces in this mini chess set will all place at ground level. They'll serve as theming or as landscape decor pieces. They may be accompanied by a simple mini chess board that will be made just like standard path tile CS, also at ground level.

In addition to the ETC pieces mentioned, some will come in different proportions (about a meter high) and in FTC corner placements to be used as railing posts.