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Sandwich Terrace café has been updated with the addition of two counter-top cases. The first image below displays sandwiches and inside the second is arranged cakes, pies, & cookies.

Although these display cases are refrigerated they are designed to keep the food inside cool rather than cold.

The sandwiches come in three types:

There is the standard type of sandwich that is made on a round roll. There are four types of round roll each with one of four light, salad-type fillings. This type of sandwich is popular with our teen and adult females.

The “Manwich” is in a larger, longer sub roll. Guests can enjoy these in six different roll types and with six kinds of meat filling.

We’ve observed that the kiddies enjoy eating sandwiches made on regular sliced bread with the crusts cut off and we’ve produced a selection of these in five sliced bread types with five kinds of filling.

In our park sandwiches are replaced after they’re sold or within an hour of being made. During the replacement cycle, unsold café sandwiches are moved to our various staff cafeterias.

Our chef-made treats:

There are two types of layered cake and a cheese cake.

Pies currently on offer are lime meringue pie, blueberry pie and peach pie.

Nine kinds of cookies are on display. Five are flavored and decorated, two are chocolate, one is plain sprinkled with icing sugar, and one is a decorated marshmallow cookie.

Treats are placed in the case fresh each morning and are removed for turnover when the café closes each evening.

The sandwich and treat cases have been inspired by StationJimJr’s set, Mr. Sion’s Snack Shop. Although when SJJ introduced his set I had no idea how to make CS I’d been since then wondering what went into importing cakes and sandwiches. As is usual with myself, I haven’t gotten around to making supports for the upper level of food trays inside each display case.

Here’s an image of our updated Café with the food cases on display.

My Projects – CSO’s I Have Imported, Café: Update 1 – Café Scene With Food Cases On Display, Image 03

There are two microwaves near the sandwich case for those guests who would like a hot sandwich made, or who want hot pie or hot cookies with their ice cream.

Baked foods, replenished in our café once an hour from our main kitchens, are plated directly from covered pans in the oven below the microwaves. Casserole-type foods, meat (roasted or in sauce), rice, and macaroni with a cheesy crust are usually on offer from our café oven. When available, sauced meat may be requested served in a sliced roll as a hot open sandwich. Salads are available either served with the baked foods, or plated separately. As with our sandwiches there is an hour replacement/turn-over for our baked foods, with unsold food being added to that already available to our staff.


We’ve added a double fridge with freezer to this area, additional cupboards for stores & supplies, and a dishwasher next to the sink. Because there is no wall behind them, the rear of our appliances are set into decorative wood panelling. Although a cook top made it into a few drafts of this update it was ultimately seen as unnecessary for this café.

In real life food is displayed behind clear glass. This is as clear as I can get the glass in RCT3 while still being able to see at a glance that there is glass there. In addition to the glass in the display cases there is glass over the Frozen Treats, a glass guard around the kitchen sink area (we don’t want plates, trays, and cleaning supplies falling into the pool below), and a small glass guard next to the hot drinks dispenser.

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Café: Update 1 - Café Scene (Towards North) Displaying Well Equipped Vendors' Work Area, Image 04

Our adult guests sometimes prefer an alcoholic beverage with their food. For those guests we keep a small selection of chilled beers, ciders, and breezers below the hot drinks dispenser.

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Café: Update 1 - Café Scene (Towards South) Displaying Well Equipped Vendors' Work Area, Image 05


There is a built-in Frozen Treats freezer from which is served twenty-seven gourmet flavors of ice creams, sherbets, and frozen yogurts. Our frozen treats are scooped into an assortment of cones, plated with wafers, plated with Dainty Treats at the customer’s request, and served as is or as sundaes in chilled dessert dishes.

My Projects – CSO’s I Have Imported, Café: Update 1 – Aerial View of Counter Highlighting Built-In Frozen Treats Freezer, Image 06

Stepping stools have been provided so that the little ones in our café can easily see what’s on offer when they make their choices. They also have the option, at the vendor’s discretion, to enjoy a plated sample of oven foods before deciding what they’ll have.


Future café updates:

a dish drain for the double sink,

cups & lids for hot & cold drinks,

napkins, drinking straws, and stirrers,

a rack of coffee flavorings,

a rack of assorted quality & gourmet teas,

sugar and milk for guest use, and

hot drink mixes (e.g., Ovaltine, Horlicks, Milo, and Postum).

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