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Since I’ve learned how to make CS I've looked forward to making drinks dispensers like the Coca Cola dispenser that comes in Vodhin’s Log Cabin Goodies. It's a particular piece of scenery I’ve always admired and I’m pleased to be able to tell you my drinks dispenser dreams have become a reality. My Pepsi Cola dispenser is directly modeled on Vodhin’s Coke dispenser.

I’ve also made a Chilled Juices dispenser and a Hot Drinks dispenser. All the dispensers are glossy. I’ve had fun choosing the selections for the different beverages and in putting the details into creating these drinks dispensers:

The drink Brands in the sodas dispenser and in the juices dispenser have been chosen to provide an interesting variety of flavors to park guests.

The hot drinks machine dispenses:

hot chocolate,

two classic coffees,

a gourmet coffee,

an exotic coffee,

decaffeinated coffee, and

boiling water for the teas and for the hot drink mixes that will be on offer.

As it is essentially a cold drinks dispenser converted in SketchUp to dispense hot drinks, I am considering what minor adjustments I can make in order to make the hot drinks dispenser look more like it's been specifically manufactured to dispense drinks that are hot.

Here are a few images showing these beverage dispensers in a café I created.

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Café - Café Scene, Image 01

My Projects – CSO’s I Have Imported, Café - Drink Dispensers, Close Up, Front, Image 02

My Projects – CSO’s I Have Imported, Café - Drink Dispensers, Close Up, Rear, Image 03

The beverage dispensers began as part of a larger Equipment & Service Items set which is a work in progress. Having made the dispensers I discovered there were no existing CS counters that would do for them so I needed to create custom counters in the set on which to place the dispensers.

My counters are glossy and the smooth granite-like textures are three-way colorable. They come with a polished wood panel texture along the front, have drawers and cupboards on the inner sides for the vendors’ use, and there is a double sink with drain and mixer taps also for the vendors’ convenience.

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Café - Counters, Cupboards, and Double Sink, Image 04

At a glance there seems to be lots of empty space at the rear of this counter unit and on the tops of the counters. This is because The Café is far from complete. Set additions being considered are:

a full-sized fridge,

a full-sized freezer,

a couple of full-sized built-in ovens (one on top of the counter, one below),

a full-sized built-in cook top,

a dish drain for the double sink,

a glass counter-top cold sandwiches case,

a glass counter-top dainty cakes case,

a glass built-in gourmet ice creams display unit,

cups & lids for hot & cold drinks,

napkins, drinking straws, and stirrers,

a rack of coffee flavorings,

a rack of assorted quality & gourmet teas,

sugar and milk,

hot drink mixes (e.g., Ovaltine, Horlicks, Milo, Postum), and

a stack of trays.

The Café Set also includes dining tables.

My Projects – CSO’s I Have Imported, Café - Dining Tables in Sidewalk Setting, Image 05

The tables come with upholstered chairs and in standard & diagonal placements. Each table set seats four guests and they come in a polished, green stained wood. They place with the chairs and with table cloths. The centerpieces are accessories that can be placed separately.

My Projects – CSO’s I Have Imported, Café - Dining Tables in Café Setting, Image 06

Dining table additions being considered are:

a colorable wood texture,

a table type without a tablecloth but with a decorative panel inlay on top,

an assortment of centerpieces,

a condiments assortment,

trays and/or placemats with utensils and/or packaging,

a small assortment of tablecloth choices, and

a small assortment of chair upholstery fabric choices.

The dispensers, counters, and table sets will in all likelihood spin off into a Café Set.

Café, Update 1

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My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Café - Pop-Up Rollover, Hot Drinks Machine, Large Image 03 My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Café - Pop-Up Rollover, Chilled Juices Machine, Large Image 02 My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Café - Pop-Up Rollover, Sodas Machine, Large Image 01