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 Author: FlightToAtlantis

Welcome to this exhibition of my favorite screenshots. Not only are they the screenshots I’ve taken that I like best but they’re also illustrate what I think makes a good park, the characteristics of which are:

park infrastructure,

effective theming,

enticing attractions,

park sights & sounds,

professional staff providing excellent service with front-of-house attitudes,

atmosphere, and of course

guests who are immersed in their park visit.

If our park is made up of these and we’ve taken screenshots of that park then it would go without saying that these characteristics also make for a good screenshot. Most of the screenshots in this article can be seen in other areas of this website. They’re presented here to show why I believe they’re images that represent good park examples with reasons as to why I feel they're some of my best shots.


Whatever else we may have in our park it will be enhanced with a good atmosphere. Here are some screenshots where the park’s atmosphere seems to stand on its own.


Image 01, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 1

Evident in this shot is a majestic dawn with the promise of a tranquil day.


Image 02, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 1

To be enjoyed in this pool setting are warmth, light, and companionable calm. In this beautifully managed park with attentive staff one can imagine the feelings of well-being and security experienced by each park guest.


Image 03, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 1

Here is portrayed a spirited evening by the pool. Listen carefully and you’ll hear the jazz band set up in the gazebo nearby.


Image 04, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 1

Atmosphere need not always be about drama and excitement. In view here are Nocturnal House inhabitants and visitors enjoying the seclusion of this shady, subdued interior.


Image 05, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 1

Likewise, a back porch beneath gently whistling pines in an out-of-the-way spot will only encourage an atmosphere of peacefulness ... and perhaps feelings of one-ness with nature.


Image 06, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 1

Afternoon delight.


Image 07, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 1

This image portrays the sensation of gentle heat during the park’s mid-day activity.

Image 08, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 1

Here is another shot of the same park which shows the hotel structure and a few of the animals about the property there. Just like in the previous illustration, this image also emanates a feeling of pleasant, arid warmth.


Image 09, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 1

Serenity and privacy may be found in this location. If one chooses, here off the beaten path he can be tucked well away from the hustle and bustle of a busy park.