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My Downloads - TexMod Packs: RCT3 Demo Skybox TexMod ReTextures - Demo Screenshot Displaying All Seven RCT3 Demo Skyboxes With TexMod ReTextures, Image 01

A Taste of Paradise is the name of the scenario that was originally created and released by Atari as the final version of their RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Demo. The demo contained a soundtrack for park background noises and temporary skybox images which were different to those which we’re used to today.

The skyboxes in this TexMod Pack have been created from Atari’s demo backdrops. All 7 of the original demo skyboxes from A Taste of Paradise have been included. The demo did not include a City backdrop. As you see, Atari created these skybox images in a lower resolution and with a little less detail than the ones that came with the full version of RCT3.

This TexMod pack can be downloaded at File Transfer Database.

A copy of TexMod is needed to use this pack. TexMod information, instructions, and download are available here:

  TexMod Customized Add-Ins - Our Fact Page

The images making up these skybox re-textures originated in RCT3, the rights to which are owned by Atari.