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Since RCT3 Vanilla, as inevitable as death & taxes Mr. Jobsworth has come as standard issue in every park whether scenario or sandbox.

He resembles a slender, balding middle-aged male with brown hair, wears a cheap, patched brown suit that is slightly too small for him, and is always seen holding his clipboard. Since the Soaked! expansion, when busy scrutinizing your pool he’ll wear a purple & yellow striped sleeveless full-body swimsuit, as well as a swim cap with goggles.

For no reason other than lack of another category in which to include him the Park Inspector is listed as a VIP on other websites. Since Mr. Jobsworth shows up in the staff panel along with the other staff, we here at consider the Park Inspector to be staff, not a VIP.

A ruthlessly mercenary hint agent, Mr. Jobsworth is picky and intolerant of any flaws in your park. Resplendent in double-knit polyester, safe white socks, and steel-toed utility shoes, he relentlessly informs you about areas of the park that need improving although, seemingly to make up for this, when he finds exceptional accomplishments he’ll present you with a reward. If you’re already capable of managing your own park and count yourself among the nine out of ten community members who wants to be rid of him you’ll be relieved to know he can be fired.

Follow these easy instructions and you too can be rid of Mr. Jobsworth for good:

Thanks to Elmer BeFuddled for his post on ShyGuy’s World reminding us that if we get rid of the park inspector and then later open a park he’s already in, that we’ll need to click to O.K. on this error message one more time before we save that park.


Many people have written and asked us what the park inspector is doing now.

The last we saw of him we were throwing the cables off the side and steering the lava sled away from shore.  This was the last photo I got before we parted the chains with the rifle and put the pedal to the metal.

How To's - How To Kill The Park Inspector - His Last Moments, Image 01

 Author: FlightToAtlantis