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This set of two picnic tables is great to have around our park for those park guests who enjoy a more casual eating experience.

The tables are in a polished, green stained wood and have a smooth, composite stone base.

The fabric umbrella sits in a matching weighted base and is supported by a metal frame finished in a hammered copper texture. It's decorated with a scalloped, looped cotton edging. On top of the umbrella, a green stained wood finial completes the coordinated appearance of this set.

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Picnic Tables - Demo Screenshot, Image 01

The tables come in diagonal and in standard placements. Each seats four guests.

My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Picnic Tables - Screenshot Displaying Picnic Tables In Use By Guests In Park Setting, Image 02

This project is a work in progress. Future additions being considered are:  

a colorable wood texture,

decorative centerpieces,

a condiments assortment,

trays and/or placemats with utensils and/or packaging, and

a small assortment of umbrella fabric choices.