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Initial Installation

After the installation of Vanilla, Soaked!,and Wild!, when launching your game for the first time you’ll find that 18 Vanilla, 9 Soaked! and 12 Wild! Campaign Scenarios will have arrived with your installation.

You’ll access your campaigns through the Select Campaign screen.

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Six Vanilla, three Soaked! and three Wild! scenarios will be already unlocked and ready for access, as can be seen below in these three campaign expansion header displays.

Image Displaying Campaign Expansion Headers Showing Locked Missions for RCT3 FAQ: How To Unlock All Campaign Scenarios

All the scenarios in each expansion come with three sets of objectives each with its own level of difficulty:

Apprentice (easy),

Entrepreneur (hard), and

Tycoon (expert).

Unlocking Your Scenarios: The Original Method

As you solve a scenario at Apprentice level one of the locked scenarios on the Career screen will become unlocked. In the Vanilla Career, scenario 17 will only be unlocked after the first sixteen scenarios’ Entrepreneur objectives have been completed. Vanilla’s scenario 18 unlocks only after all the other scenarios have been solved at Tycoon level.

The saves you make of your Campaign Scenario park progress become your career settings, so when you load a career profile from the main menu you can see your overall performance summarized there displaying what scenario is locked or unlocked, and which has been completed either to Apprentice, to Entrepreneur or Tycoon level.

Unlocking Your Scenarios After Reading This Article

So how do our career settings get updated each time we save our campaign park’s progress? The game engine accomplishes that by saving a PRF file inside the


folder. The Nova Team have created three career parksave PRF’s which will give us access to all Campaign Scenarios.

These files unlock:

All 18 Scenarios of Career Mode for

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Vanilla

All 9 Scenarios of Career Mode for

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Soaked!

All 12 Scenarios of Career Mode for

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Wild!

When we save our campaign parks during gameplay, the first save we make starts at Campaign 0000.prf. These saves increase in increments of 1, so if you’ve saved any career park three times you’d have three files named:

Campaign 0000.prf

Campaign 0001.prf

Campaign 0002.prf

To get around any problem with replacing/overwriting any of our own campaign progress, based on the assumption that none of us has made over 9,940 Campaign Scenario saves, and also on the assumption that it's likely we'll be done with any particular campaign within sixty saves, Team TNT have named each of their files

 Campaign 9942.prf

How to Install The Nova Team’s Files

The Nova Team had included an installer with the original release of their PRF’s. The installer (which comes with an .NFO extension) won’t work beyond Windows XP so we have not included it with the upload. Notwithstanding this, we’ve been able to determine where these files need to go and how to get them to work without the installer. If you go to this folder

 C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\Documents\RCT3\Campaigns

you will see two folders inside: a Soaked! folder and a Wild! folder. If you’ve saved any Vanilla career parks you will also see PRF’s alongside those two folders. Any Soaked! PRF’s will be saved inside your Soaked! folder, and Wild! PRF’s saved inside your Wild! folder. RCT3 names all PRF’s exactly the same, and identifies which ones to resume based on the folder in which it has saved them, and on the campaign park save which you next access.

Team TNT have provided a Vanilla PRF, a Soaked! PRF, and a Wild! PRF and it’s necessary to put the correct file inside the correct folder so that these unlocks will work. Please ignore the installation instructions that come in the ReadMe. This ReadMe has been included in the upload as a courtesy to The Nova Team.

Inside the download there is a folder called Campaigns inside which you will find three folders:




From the Vanilla folder:

Copy the Campaign 9942.prf file into this folder


From the Soaked folder:

Copy the Campaign 9942.prf file into this folder


From the Wild folder:

Copy the Campaign 9942.prf file into this folder


After you’ve done this you may launch your game as usual and select Career Mode. Next:

Select either the Vanilla Campaign, Soaked! Campaign, or Wild! Campaign.

Once you’ve entered the campaign expansion that you want, select and open the "TNT" profile you will see there.

After that you will observe that all the campaign scenarios have been unlocked and are available for your choice. Whether you chose the Vanilla Campaign, Soaked! Campaign, or Wild! Campaign you will observe that every campaign is unlocked.

Image Displaying Campaign Expansion Headers Showing All Missions Unlocked for RCT3 FAQ: How To Unlock All Campaign Scenarios


After you have loaded the Campaign 9942.prf profile into any of the scenarios through any of the campaign expansions, you’ll notice that you’ll be unable to save any of your progress. Instead of being able to save your progress when you attempt to do so you will get this error message:

Image Displaying Mission Screenshot Showing The Failed To Open File Error Message for RCT3 FAQ: How To Unlock All Campaign Scenarios

The game engine is acknowledging that it recognizes the PRF files you have installed did not originate with your installation. As we ourselves cannot access and edit an RCT3 PRF file the only way to fix this is to get the game engine to access this file and to edit it for us. In order to do that we need to complete one campaign scenario. The easiest way to accomplish this is to open the very first Campaign, RCT3 Vanilla, Scenario 01: Vanilla Hills and earn your first Apprentice rating there.

After you have become an RCT3 Apprentice in Vanilla Hills and have saved that park you will be able to save any further progress as regular in any of the other Vanilla scenarios. Depending on your RCT3 version and your operating system you may find that before you can save your very first file in either the Soaked! Campaigns or in Wild! campaigns that you’ll first need to complete one campaign in Soaked! to start saving files in Soaked, and complete a campaign in Wild! to start saving files in Wild!

When in Career mode always open the TNT profile if you want complete access to all the campaign scenarios in any order desired. For backup/restoration purposes all the parks you save through the Campaign 9942 profile will be saved in a folder of the same name alongside any of the Campaign 9942 PRF files that you have utilized.

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