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These park files have all originally been created by Atari and released with RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. They’ve been slightly adjusted for those who might like a bit of relaxed practice in a particular setting before committing themselves to an authentic Atari campaign mission, or who might simply want to enjoy playing in an original park environment that’s been created by Atari. If you’re the sort that’s more comfortable in familiar surroundings, after tooling around in these sandboxes you’ll feel right at home while building on your Campaign Scenario progress in Atari’s Campaign Scenario version of these parks.

Here are the adjustments that have been made for each sandbox:

A notice has been added to each park file making it clear that Atari is the original creator of the park and of the terrain it’s been built on.

To differentiate between Atari’s original file and the sandbox version we’ve included the word ‘Sandbox’ in the park’s name.

Being sandbox parks, there are no Apprentice, Entrepreneur, and Tycoon campaign requirements.

There are no challenges.

There is unlimited money, therefore

there is no loan that needs to be repaid.

All content is now available from the start.

All land on the terrain map as created by Atari is now owned and available. The imagination & artistry of Atari’s park map creators & its park builders remains intact.

Any of the restrictions in the Park Operations console, such as forbid landscaping, and forbid high construction have been removed.

All animals are unlocked.

Where this setting was found to be otherwise, all guest generation has been reset to 100%.

Everything else, including the park’s climate, original opening & closing times, the guests in attendance on opening day, and average cash per guest, remains as it was found when the installed scenario was opened for the first time. Of course, making any progress in these fun sandbox parks will have no bearing on your standing in the authentic Campaign scenarios.

To enjoy these sandbox parks, simply unzip, place in your Parks folder, and open as a Sandbox. Of course, in order to play the Soaked! parks and the Wild! parks you’ll need to have both Soaked! and Wild! installed and have Atari’s own 8 folders of original content inside your Themed folder:



Island Paradise





Wild West

All thirty-nine Campaign scenarios have been converted into these fun sandboxes. The park files have been numbered in the order that they appear in the Campaign scenarios. As intended by Atari, their appearance will be enhanced during gameplay if you select to display trees off the park map.

These DAT’s have been prepared on a fresh install (no custom content added) of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Deluxe Diamond, the European version of RCT3 Platinum. In the event you have trouble opening the parks the use of Park CleanUp may help.

For your convenience these DAT’s download in a single folder. Campaign Scenario Sandboxes Pack is now available at File Transfer Database.