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A few community members and I were working together in a team called RCT2 Revival Crüe! We were creating objects and sets from images of RCT2 scenery and importing these RCT2-styled items into RCT3.

Our collaboration brought a few excellent RCT2-themed sets into the RCT3 community and we envisaged many great sets in the works. For a while we were trying to get more community members interested but The Crüe was only ever made up of the three of us.

I believe CoasterFreak’s Mechanical Theme Set is a job well done. Textures, animations, placements, particle effects ... the overall package looks very Sonic The Hedgehog-esque. His Medieval set is interestingly authentic.


I am pleased to be working with FTA on these projects. His ideas, and talents with modeling and texturing is spot on, and as well as his attention to details. He is someone I am happy with to be part of the team.

Elizabeth contributed some charming mushroom houses to this project. Those models can be seen here in this article: RCT2 Wonderland Themed CSO's. Imported as ready for release some while after The Crüe had been disbanded, these models were the inspiration behind the first version of a newly released set of custom content, more details to which can be read in our article here: RCT2 Wonderland Themed Set.

When it was active The Crüe released the following sets:

RCT2 Revival Crüe Wonderland Themed Chess Set

RCT2 Revival Crüe Mechanical Set

RCT2 Revival Crüe Medieval Themed Set

RCT2 Revival Crüe Water Theme Feature Set

RCT2 Revival Crüe Space Theme

RCT2 Revival Crüe Snow & Ice Set


The sets look brilliant.


The animated pieces look great. I can see this getting a lot of use.

As you’ve seen my contribution to the Crüe was the Wonderland Themed Chess Set. These chess pieces are glossy, two- and three-way colorable, and the gold trim has reflective highlights. I have provided game board edging with the set for those who enjoy setting up their park chess on a board.

I made the chess set because although we do have chess in RCT3 we didn't have the smaller chess pieces with gold trim that many of us would have enjoyed using in RCT2. This first chess set which was intended to be smaller than the set that comes with RCT3 actually has taller pieces, although they do place four to a terrain tile and are proportioned as I wanted.

I need to get back to work on this set so there is another version of the same pieces that place right on the ground, and then make a smaller set, and then a larger one for architectural features as suggested by Elizabeth.


I'm glad that you're planning on making a variety of levels with it to suit the needs of those who prefer different ways of using them. Large scaled for more of the 'statue' look for a fantasy theme look, Bravo!

Elizabeth believed the eventual release of this chess set in different sizes would add versatility to our game, and said: The Crüe chess set looks so much better than the bland chess pieces that come with RCT3.

We decided that each set was going to be found in the game menu as RCT2 Revival Crue - "set name." This way it would be easier to get to these sets in the game menus with less hassle scrolling up and down to find the correct theme the user wants.  Having come to this decision we’d altered the names we used in our sets during importing.

Details and download link to my RCT2 Revival Crüe Wonderland Themed Chess Set can be found here:

  RCT2 Revival Crüe Wonderland Themed Chess Set

Again, Liz Mushroom House models can be viewed here ...

  RCT2 Wonderland Themed CSO's

... along with the first release of RCT2 Wonderland Themed Set.

  RCT2 Wonderland Themed Set

 Author: FlightToAtlantis