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In April 2014 RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile was published by Atari. Chris Sawyer had no involvement with its development. Indeed, RCT4 Mobile was a bitter disappointment to all who had awaited this much anticipated sequel in the series.

Since mid-2014, RollerCoaster Tycoon World and Planet Coaster have been released. Both releases have been fraught with problems both during development and during game play. Chris has had no involvement in the development of these games.

Chris is quoted on “ … creating great games comes mostly from experience rather than study. University or college can teach you how to program, but there's much, much more to game development than that. You need to be organized, methodical, determined, patient, reliable, and of course you need to understand what people enjoy. ... “

And what of Chris, himself? These days Chris focuses on personal life, volunteering in the community, and hobbies which of course includes riding roller coasters. Chris says his coaster count is above 600.

Chris: Having been on so many roller coasters now it takes something really special to get me excited, something that looks fun rather than just fast, tall, most inversions ...

Chris has observed he’s heard himself described as a “mad genius.” When asked how he would describe himself Chris has been known to say he’s not sure how he would, but eventually he suggests he’s usually playful, obsessed with detail, self motivated, sometimes stubborn, and often persistent. It is known that he wouldn’t rule out creating an entirely new game at this time but also says that would be unlikely. I feel like I'm getting on a bit now age-wise and want to take things a bit easier!

Whether Chris himself is involved in any current or future development of RollerCoaster Tycoon, fans of this franchise the world over will be eternally grateful that he was the original developer, and was in the beginning the shepherd of this truly amazing PC game.

Great Stuff, Chris!

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