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In my previous park, Aegean Sands, I had carefully planned paths throughout the park including those for the Boardwalk area. My Arched Supports and Railings Set had done a beautiful job of enhancing most of those paths but that set wasn’t quite the thing in that park for my Boardwalk area.

As a result of that the Boardwalk area in that park still has in place the default paths that I sketched out when I initially designed the park layout.

Around a year ago and with that in mind I roughly sketched out the model for Boardwalk-type paths in SketchUp, closed the SKP, got involved in other things and that was that.

While adding the woodie to our POE Building 4 Set Presentation Park it turned out the woodie needed to be slightly raised at which point it became clear we had no custom options for enhancing raised paths in our park – until I remembered my Boardwalk paths. I promptly completed the set, imported it, and here we are.

Image 01, My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Boardwalk Paths

These paths come in a realistic wood grain texture and are three way colorable, with the colorable texture being an actual texture rather than a solid color. There are path supports, path ends, and 1h & 2h stairs along with level intersection pieces that enable the gamer versatility in path construction.

Image 02, My Projects - CSO's I Have Imported, Boardwalk Paths

I’ve included a rail-less piece for the building of plazas – something I’d definitely need when I revisit Aegean Sands to update my Boardwalk. I’m considering a supports addition to this set so that the area beneath plazas isn’t a high-maintenance sea of support columns.