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Tracks & Trackbeds

RCT3 along with its add-ons comes with forty-three coaster tracks and thirty trackbed-style rides.

Also included are seven courses for water craft of which two are considered tracks with the remaining five actually being coded as trackbeds.

There is a third type of attraction that is neither a track or a trackbed and those are better known in the community as flat rides. There are 92 flat rides in RCT3, three of which are also coded as trackbeds.

Notwithstanding all this confusion, CTR Creator allows us a total of thirty-eight coaster tracks (numbered Track1 - Track60) and thirty trackbeds (numbered TrackBased01 - TrackBased41) on which to place any car of our choice. This number of tracks & trackbeds appears to gamers a little differently while we scan through the game menus. Aquarium, Launched FreeFall, and Roto Drop which are listed in our game as flat rides are actually trackbed attractions. Elephant Transport, Safari Transport, and Safari Train which are listed as tracks, are also trackbeds. Except for Dinghy Slide and Giant Flume tracks, CTR Creator considers all water tracks, water rides, and water slides as trackbeds.

Additional to that there are dozens of completely new custom track types created by the community.

CTR Creator does come with a handy tool for extracting the BahnDaten_ details from most any CTR so instead of cluttering this session with CTR track section lists that we believe would be useful we leave that up to the individual to extract their own as needed for their projects.

We have however included in CTR Creators' Pack the eight track section listings we found on the internet made up of the Europa Park Add-Ons tracks.

CTR Creator does not acknowledge the following RCT3 attractions:

CrazyGolf (TrackBased15) *

TourBoats (TrackBased28) **

GiantSlide (TrackBased30) **

SinkingShip (TrackBased31) **

HersheyTower (TrackBased32) **

InsectHouse (TrackBased34) *

PaddleSteamer (TrackBased35) **

AirBoat (TrackBased38) **

ReptileHouse (TrackBased39) *

NocternalHouse (TrackBased40) *


* the attraction does not include cars

** CTR Creator considers the attraction to be made up of insufficient track sections

Although some attractions aren't acknowledged by CTR Creator some of their station types are available for our enjoyment through this utility.

The Water Coaster is the Junior Coaster track type that has been extended with water sections. It is not a true water track.

While it is possible to create pool type slide-type rides and lazy river-esque tracks with CTR Creator they won't join up with our Pool Complex. They'll take standard ride entrances & exits and will stand alone as standard tracks in our parks with the guests who ride these rides remaining in their ordinary clothes instead of changing into swimwear. Notwithstanding this such tracks can make interesting additions to our park.

Image 075, HowTo's: The Ultimate CTR Creator, Page 9

Image 076, HowTo's: The Ultimate CTR Creator, Page 9

For your convenience we've assembled two slideshows; the first illustrating all the attractions that CTR Creator identifies as track types followed by the second displaying all the trackbeds.

Thumbnail Collage: Slider: Track Types Selection. How To's: The Ultimate CTR Creator

Thumbnail Collage: Slider: Trackbeds Selection. How To's: The Ultimate CTR Creator

Station Types

When RCT3 is installed along with its add-ons there are 18 stations available for use with the various tracks within the game. Those stations are located in a folder named

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3\tracks\Platforms\Vanilla

Some of the station types are shared by several different rides throughout RCT3. Although we've just made mention of 18 stations, according to the BahnDaten_ Keywords List there are a total of 19 station types. This discrepancy is due to there being an additional station type called none that's been built into CTR Creator.

There are many more stations available to RCT3's native tracks that aren't listed in the StationType listing in the BahnDaten_ table below. After so many years in its development it's not likely the makers of CTR Creator inadvertently overlooked them and they've surely been excluded from the list for good reasons.

When selecting the track types to include in a CTR some of the station types for those tracks can't be 'erased' by using the StationType none in our BahnDaten_. This is because the original Wagen_ file associated with the car(s) that come with that track type includes a value that prioritizes a specific station type. Nevertheless we may still achieve interesting effects when we select these particular track types.

Thumbnail Collage: Slider: Station Type Substitutions. How To's: The Ultimate CTR Creator

All the water tracks come with stations that have been designed as extensions of the track itself. Such stations can be added to their original tracks without the station appearing to be a structure that is very much different to the track and aids in giving the track a good overall appearance that nicely corresponds with its theming. The native Lazy River station is themed so well it can be set up so that it functions as part of Pool Complex. The Pool Rides 'n' Slides are themed so their entrances may be joined directly to any pool deck that's been built at the same height as the station.

Some of the water track stations are not acknowledged by CTR creator for placement on other tracks. These stations are


Master Blaster,

Body Slide (StandardWater),

Ring Slide (StandardWaterWide), and

White Water Rapids

Thumbnail Collage: Slider: Station Types Selection. How To's: The Ultimate CTR Creator

For easy reference the album simply illustrates the station types that are available on which to put the cars of our choice.

SwissCheese77's and JG59's Flat Stations

No discussion about RCT3 custom stations would be complete without mention of this unique set. SC77's & JG59's Flat Stations is a set of custom stations that have been created specifically for use with CTR Creator. Guests will walk along these stations at the same 1m level as the bases of the in-game entrance and the exit booth. To better enable customization there is no visible station structure that comes with this set so CSO stations will be required when Flat Stations are used as the StationType for your CTR.

Eight custom stations come with this set:









Image 082, HowTo's: The Ultimate CTR Creator, Page 9

SwissCheese' set comes with an excellent ReadMe that suggests the types of tracks for which each station may be suitable. This custom station templates set is included with The CTR Creators' Pack at the end of this article. Also included is an SKP file's CSO Station Templates For Swiss Cheese77's & JG59's Flat Stations Set. These templates show the location of the peep splines for each of Swiss Cheese77's stations types and give excellent suggestions as to the size of station CSO's that should accompany each. To include with your download you may simply take a screenshot of the SKP form that's suitable for your particular track's station, or accompany your release with a CSO station that you've created yourself.

Just like the in-game stations place at 1m increments, adjusting Swiss Cheese77's & JG59's Flat Stations up or down in the BahnDaten_'s StationHeightaboveTrack field will result in adjustments made in 1m increments. Although Swiss Cheese' custom station splines are great to have, adjusting the height of these custom Flat Stations in BahnDaten_'s at increments of fractions of a meter is not possible.

BahnDaten_ Keyword Values

It is possible to have several car types listed in a single BahnDaten_ TXT file.

When in doubt which Keyword value to enter the keyword field may be left blank. After getting CTR Creator to read your BahnDaten_.TXT file if you next select for it to write your BahnDaten_ it will properly format your TXT file and, in fields where you haven't entered any data, create default values that closest match the information you've so far entered. After that, before actually creating your OVL's you may want to review your TXT file to confirm the required value data and its formatting, and to ensure the desired values are in place.

It isn't a requirement that CTR Creator write BahnDaten_ files in order to successfully create track OVL's.

If you've already entered data into one version of Daten_ and need to process it through another version of CTR Creator the XML can be converted by copying the header of the XML from the required version of XML and pasting that into the version of XML where you've entered your data.

  Table: BahnDaten_ Keyword Values

Drag the above toggle to a

convenient place on your screen.

The Ultimate CTR Creator

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