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My Downloads - TexMod Packs: TexMod Pool Complex ReTextures - Primary Demo Screenshot Displaying the Yellow ReTextures Pack, Image 01

This set of TexMod retextures for pool complex. Since I first saw those atrocious banana leaves on top of that beach hut themed changing room I’ve been wanting to replace them with something else. That was the reason I started work on this retextures pack.

The next thing to go was that dreadful uvula inside the whale themed changing room entrance - there's no need to worry about that any more.

Generic changing room now has a new roof and a few other upgrades. The colors on ship themed changing room have been brightened some.

I’ve always thought it a shame the umbrellas and loungers couldn’t be recolored. That’s no longer an issue for the community. Further, the pool decking and siding always struck me as being too orange so that got a bit of a tone down.

As an added bonus with this retextures pack there are fresh new colors for the tiles inside the pool that match the new colors of the umbrellas and loungers.  Over all, nine new colors have been introduced in this set.

My Downloads - TexMod Packs: TexMod Pool Complex ReTextures - Demo Screenshot Collage Displaying All Eight ReTexture Pack Colors, Image 02

This pack includes adjusted textures for:

beach hut themed changing room

generic changing room

ship themed changing room

whale themed changing room


chaise lounges

pool decking

pool wood siding

pool interior tiles

spring board

lifeguards' chair

New colors for tiles inside the pool match the new colors of the umbrellas, lounges, and the standard springboard. New colors introduced in this pack are:

Set A - Aqua

Set B - Gray

Set C - Lime

Set D - Orange

Set E - Purple

Set F - Red

Set G - Violet

Set H - Yellow

Set I - Brown

A copy of TexMod is needed to use this pack. TexMod information, instructions, and download are available here:

  TexMod Customized Add-Ins - Our Fact Page

Download: Pool Complex TexMod ReTextures: