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Image 10, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 2

This peaceful setting on a leafy, shady hilltop is the ideal location for one of the souvenir & gift shops in this park.


Image 11, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 2

Displaying an atmosphere of fantasy beneath a chartreuse sky this pool scene is enhanced with statuary and fountains.


Image 12, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 2

Monumental station access near a tall woodie gives an expansive feel to this area of the park. In this instance the chartreuse sky adds to the underlying currents of drama already in this park location.


Image 13, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 2

This image depicts a sultry night in which there's the suggestion of adventure. One gets the feeling that wailing sirens are about to start.

Park Attractions

Rides and tracks are only the beginning when we consider what attractions to place about for our guests. A great many things go towards making up a mutual balance of attractions, and what is attractive, in our parks.


Image 14, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 2

Here we see a delightful aquarium located at a path intersection surrounded by trees. In this example the trees are part of the attraction. Rather than a standard path intersection a double stairwell that’s integrated with the aquarium exit adds interest to this area above which the information station puts the finishing touch.


Image 15, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 2

Steam Railway is leaving the coast in this image and is about to voyage through the apple orchard in Aegean Sands park. While every length of this track may be considered its own attraction, in this location the coast, the path the railway’s just gone under, the track bed, the retaining walls, the nearby vegetation, and the apple orchard all take their part in the attraction value of this spot in the park.


Image 16, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 2

This image shows how we’ve set up the end of a pathway as an attraction, set up thusly because we believed it necessary to have a drinks stall in this location. Guest seating, pergolas, vegetation, nearby rides, and a horizon view all enhance the attraction qualities of this area.


Image 17, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 2

This is and always will be my favorite park attraction. Which of our guests can resist this café which is situated atop columns among the pediments highlighting a covered area of the pool below? I put my imagination into overdrive to create this spot that's often discovered by our guests when entering or leaving our pool. With its hot & cold drinks, hot & cold plates, sandwiches, and dessert treats The Sandwich Terrace is a delight to each of our visitors.

Delicious, aromatic foods are must-have attractions to have in every park. If that food is well presented you're already half way towards ensuring that it is an enjoyable experience for your park guests.

Image 18, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 2

The Sandwich Terrace' well-equipped, open-air layout also makes for an enjoyable location for the staff who work here. It takes me little trouble to visualize the front-of-house attitudes and excellent service provided by these ambassadors for our park.

Image 19, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 2

With views of our pool complex, suspended arch path nearby, Volo daVinci station leading off that, and ocean panoramas, every spot in this café is an attraction.


Image 20, My Projects - Screenshots, Page 2

These guests at the southwest corner of our Midway are in one of the busiest spots in this park. With nearly 20 stalls nearby including picnic-style seating for about 150 guests, an information station, the entrance to the carousel, and the Ferris wheel just out of sight at the right, there's plenty to add engagement & interest to our guests' park visit and to keep our park visitors happily occupied here.

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