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Although we’ve taken the precaution of setting the elevators’ minimum and maximum departure times to twenty seconds, we’re going to get nowhere near the number of guests we need in our queue with only two elevators. Let’s add a few more and see ...

How To's - Elevated Coaster Stations and Access Options - Station With Six Lifts, Image 05

After our trials, now we’ve got six lifts and enough park guests on the shuttle access decking who are entering the shuttle queue. Now our trains are full before they depart the station.

How To's - Elevated Coaster Stations and Access Options - All Cars Full, Image 06

 Our existing setup now has:

one down only lift (one shuttle access decking departure point)

four up only lifts (four shuttle access decking arrival points), and

one lift going both up and down (a shuttle decking arrival & a shuttle decking departure point).

Additional to the setup we’ve shown we’d require three additional shuttle decking departure points on the existing lifts for guests disembarking the shuttle who need to return to the main path system. Without the same number of departure points in our lifts as there are arrival points guests will eventually accumulate on the shuttle entrance decking and be unable to go anywhere else from there in your park.

We can modify the existing lifts by adding another entrance and exit to three of them, or we can add three more lifts for shuttle access decking departures only. In the interest of seeing how far we can take this we've opted for the three additional lifts.

With multiple elevators in this arrangement some of the guests would be happy to ride up to your elevated shuttle access decking and then take another elevator ride down. Further, with a choice of lifts down you'd have little trouble with guests wandering the elevated decking looking for a way off.

How To's - Elevated Coaster Stations and Access Options - Nine Lifts Without Terrain Grid, Image 07

For the benefit of guests who like to ride coasters more than once we’ve also linked the path decking from the shuttle exit (the down only elevator at the left) to the remainder of the shuttle access decking. As you see we’ve set up invisible stations for our final screenshot:

To get an idea of this setup in relation to the terrain it’s on here’s the same image with the terrain grid showing.

How To's - Elevated Coaster Stations and Access Options - Nine Lifts With Terrain Grid, Image 08

And there we are ... revolutionary shuttle access instead of ordinary stairs. Including our eventual choice of support options, queue & path fencing, whether or not we use custom created elevators instead of the in-game ones, and how we decorate our landscaping, this access solution opens up additional possibilities for further developing the layout and the finished appearance of our park.