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Parchment Background Image for Hall of Fame: Fall 2019: Belgabor's Invisible Doodads on Download: File Transfer Database:

This set is an indispensable part of our gamers’ toolkit because short of creating our own custom content it provides the best way for us to customize our parks and get them looking closer to what we’d like. Prior to invisible items being created we’d have needed to rely on custom stalls, facilities, & utilities released by other Custom Content Artists, or we’d have had to make do with what comes in the game.

Belgabor has put paid to that with this extensive collection of invisible items. Because it was Belgabor’s wish that our community have all the invisible things in one set you’ll find in this assemblage a combination of items created by Belgabor in addition to invisible items created by other Custom Content Artists.

Essentially guest effect points unaccompanied by anything visible, these doodads enable us to use the CSO’s of our choice to create stalls, facilities, & utilities in our parks which are then accessed by the guests in the same way as those that come with RCT3.

The following items are included in Belgabor’s Invisible Doodads:

Fence (fences menu)

Changing Room (pool changing rooms menu)

Ride Entrance (available with each placed ride or track)

Ride Exit (available with each placed ride or track)

Invisible Generic Stall, Big (stalls menu)

Invisible Generic Stall, Normal (stalls menu)

ATM (facilities menu)

First Aid Station (facilities menu)

Toilet (facilities menu)

Park Entrance (Scenario Editor: park entrances menu)

Bench (path extras menu)

Litter Bin (path extras menu)

Memorial Litter Bin (path extras menu)

Passport Machine (path extras menu)

Sign (path extras menu)

Loud Speaker (path extras menu)

Photo Spot (path extras menu)

Memorial Photo Spot (path extras menu)

With nearly twenty invisible items as listed above, at a glance it may seem a huge task to install this set but the download comes with only three folders that each need to be placed into a different directory inside our RCT3 installation folder. You can see how to install this set here.

Belgabor’s Invisible Doodads will help us customize our parks in unexpected ways. For example, when joined to ride exits the invisible paths will eradicate the base plate that comes when we place flat rides. The invisible ride entrance & exit will give our rides an open air, alfresco appearance. Instead of relying on the LOD setting, the invisible fence in this pack will allow us selectively choose which fences in our parks will and will not be visible. Using invisible photo spots will give the impression that our guests are stopping to take photos on the spur of the moment instead of it being obvious that they're being drawn to the path extra we've placed there. The use of invisible changing rooms & invisible stalls will allow us to build and use any structure we wish as a functional changing room or a stall – we’ll no longer need to hide the ones that come with the game if we don’t think they go with our park.

The Memorial Photo Spot is the only visible object in this set. As expected the ride entrance vendors are invisible.

The stall vendors are visible and come in two sizes. After placing the invisible stalls we may choose the stall type from a drop-down list. The vendor in Belgabor’s normal stall comes in a similar size to our teenaged park guests while his big vendor is the same size as our adult park guests.

If you’ve placed these invisible items about your park, have completely lost track of where they are and you need to find them, Belgabor has included some visible textures that can be installed so that when you re-launch your park these lost items will be easier to find.

Belgabor’s Invisible Doodads is a comprehensive download that will enable us to customize our parks in a way that we couldn’t by simply covering over the in-game stalls & facilities with CSO’s. The staff at are pleased to add Belgabor’s Invisible Doodads to our Hall Of Fame. Our community shall remain ever thankful for Belgabor’s efforts in getting to us this invisible CSO pack.

Add versatility and dimension to your park building with Belgabor’s Invisible Doodads, now available at File Transfer Database.

Although it is nowhere near the size of the one discovered by astronauts in the novel,

Belgabor’s memorial photo spot is modeled on the monolith discovered in Arthur C. Clarke’s

2001: A Space Odyssey. The memorial litter bin has been added to this set for

Gary Gygax, someone personally known to Belgabor.

This set has been dedicated by Belgabor to the memory of these two individuals.