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Parchment Background Image for My Downloads: Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes: Scenario: Water World Resort

This tropical island, mid-ocean haven of seclusion is now available as a scenario download. The park's original weary rides have been stripped out, the existing stalls & facilities demolished, and its previous staff outplaced.

The western half of this resort property is taken up by the hotel and by the pool complex ...

 Image 01 - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort

... while the east side is a fresh, clean canvas that awaits your development.

Image 02 - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort

You'll have no problem attracting the guests to this park with its extensive pool adjoining the seventy storey hotel, both of which are original to the property.

Image 03 - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort

The in-game monorail will make a good start towards getting your visitors around the park. It can easily be extended to take in the eastern half of the property.

Image 04 - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort

This starter scenario also comes with four fresh flat rides: Giant Slide, Sky Sling, Zipper, and Phoenix Twister.

Image 05 - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort

You will find included one park entrance, nearly twenty toilets, eight ATM's, four information stalls, four sun crème stalls, and two stalls each offering sun shades, inflatables, and swim suits. The ATM's and some of the toilets have been stacked.

On board to get new park developers on their way, your customer service team is made up of twenty janitors, twenty mechanics, ten security guards and ten entertainers. They've been fully trained and from the beginning will ensure any visitors enjoy their stay while your park's development is in progress.

The hotel structure has five entrances, one of which leads directly into the pool.

Image 06 - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort

The north entrance directs guests into a plaza within which spectacular fountains are on display.

Image 07 - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort

This area is ideal for gamers who like stalls in plaza formation. Further along there is a small area of blank real estate at the park's north west that gives added potential for park development.

Image 08 - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort

The three entrances at the hotel's west are just a little way from the promenade which leads around to the south of the property.

Image 09 - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort

Further along on the south can be found another plaza. Seating areas for guests to linger, a kiddie playground, or a cozy arrangement of shops & stalls might be just the thing for this spot.

Image 10 - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort

The pool rides 'n' slides seen in the screenshots are included with the scenario download. Two new slides added to the original three give your park visitors a total of five slides to enjoy in pool complex.

Image 11 - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort

As you've probably noticed by now, included with the pool is a lazy river and a four-sided waterfall accent feature. Although all the custom content has been removed from the uploaded parksave you will find that the pool gardens remain adequately planted.

Image 12 - Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort

As seen in the next side note slideshow, the arrangement of the hotel towers make this structure an outstanding candidate for improvements.

This property's location and the swathes of blank terrain available from the start make this scenario an excellent choice for development into a water themed park. Plenty of coastline will enable the convenient placement of water rides and sea mammal shows.

The park's admission price and the ride prices are ideal for the scenario as downloaded although you'd later want to make increases to these amounts dependent on how many additional rides & attractions that you choose to place.

At the specifications listed below, this park is destined to become a success. When the download parksave was tested without building anything else, near the end of the first season it attracted around a thousand guests and increased the bank account by some £75,000 so most anything you choose to add can only be an improvement.




(£250,000 maximum at 5%)


Starting Guest Attendance


Average Cash Per Guest


Entrance Fee


Free Rides

not flagged


default settings and prices

Guests Want To Use Pools

not flagged

Park Hours

07:00 – 02:00

Park Starting Date

1 March

Visiting VIP’s

VIP’s not included

Park Value


Company Value




Park Size

120 x 210

Guest Generation


Other Guest Options


Park Operation Restrictions



all content available at start of game

Animal Restrictions

none, rescued animals enabled

Locked Animals


Fines And Awards


Mission Objectives


Challenge Prize


Apprentice Reward


Entrepreneur Reward


Tycoon Trophy   


Required Custom Content

Oldman John Gold And Silver Extras Set

To save downloaders the trouble of locating and installing some 150 CS sets (and to save us the trouble of assembling a 1.5GB download), except for a single set, all the custom content has been removed from the version of Water World Resort that we prepared for upload.

These CSO's have been deleted with Park CleanUp. As a result of this the deleted CSO water fountain particle effects remain behind. We've not removed them because they benefit the appearance of this park without the bother of having the actual CSO's in Themed. Should you wish to demolish any of the water features and remove these stray particle effects simply follow the steps in our article here.

Do be aware that if you've got Spice's Invisible Pool CS installed it may not be apparent that pool paths have been included with all the pool rides. On a system with regular pool add-ons installed it will be apparent where these paths have been built.

Should you wish to add one, the rooftop pool is available for download at the end of this listing. It has been saved without any custom pool add-ons. Instructions for altering the hotel structure and placing your elevated pool complex can be found here. The John Wardley cheat is required to place the pool.

As demonstrated in the images presented, the total park experience may be achieved by creating and using TexMod retextures. Information on TexMod can be found here.

Water World Resort scenario is available for download at File Transfer Database. To give inspiration as to where you might like to take this scenario, screenshots have been included throughout this listing from the version of Water World Resort that we ourselves further developed and then later stripped down with the custom content removed in preparation for upload. These enhanced images include extended structures made from the stripped out custom content and, as mentioned, the use of TexMod retextures. The scenario available for download comes exactly as seen in the slideshow below. The scenario statistics and prices listed above are accurate to the stripped out scenario as offered for download.

Parks, Scenarios, & Sandboxes - Scenario: Water World Resort - Exit Collage - Slideshow Of Water World Resort Presented Without Custom Content and Without TexMod ReTextures.

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