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This is a collection of all the cheats I have come across over the years. When cheat lists began the lists used to be grouped into sections indicating which expansion the cheat was used with.  It is not likely that anyone playing RCT3 plays it now without Soaked! and Wild! In view of that this list is in alphabetical order with all the cheats from each expansion in a single list.

Because it seems that not everyone offering a list of cheats provides all the known cheats, the purpose of including a list of cheats in our FAQ is so that all the cheats can be found in one location.

For those who may still be unfamiliar with what a cheat is, a cheat is a code that is entered into RCT3 by renaming a park guest. Using a cheat will enable RCT3 to do something it ordinarily would not do during regular game play without the cheat in place.  

To set the cheat, rename a park guest with one of the names in the following list. You may re-name a park guest as soon as he appears on your park map; there is no need to wait until the guest has entered your park. The effect of using a cheat lasts even if the guest who has been named with that cheat leaves your park. In fact the cheat's effect will continue throughout the current RCT3 session from park to park, which means you can use a cheat in one park, close that park and open another park during the same RCT3 session, and find that the effect of the cheat remains in place.

While the effect of each cheat expires at the end of each RCT3 session the Isambard Kingdom Brunel cheat is the only one that carries over from one RCT3 session to another. It only needs to be used again when new staff are hired that were not in the park when you previously used this cheat.    

A Hitchcock:

If you have bodies of water in your park lots of ducks will flock into your park to swim in them. If you have no bodies of water lots of ducks will flock into your park and circle in the air.

Alistair Lindsay:

Alters the speed at which some sound effects are played while the game is set to pause, resume, fast forward and super fast forward.

Alvin Swazonegger:

Allows large billboard movies.

Andrew Gillett:

On the first career mission, this code will double the value rating of your park - which will automatically complete your first mission objective.

Andrew Thomas:

Decreases track friction which helps coasters go faster along their tracks, useful when importing RCT2 coasters. This cheat has been replaced with a new setting in the expansions.


All the guests laugh.

ATI Tech:

For about 20 seconds both guests and staff move super fast although the game time passes at normal speed. Rides and coasters do not speed up.

Atomic or Big Explosion:

When coasters crash the explosions are bigger and guests are thrown farther from the coaster cars.

Chris Sawyer:

All guests cheer and jump into the air.

D Lean:

Opens the flying camera routes editor.

David Braben:

Disable the lift chain speed & launch speed limits.

David Walsh:

Once you've named the guest Use CTRL+U to completely remove the user interface. Great for taking screen shots and in-game movies. Press CTRL+U again to get the user interface back.


The game's frame rate is displayed in small print in the top left corner.


Items in our park requiring mechanics' maintenance will have increased reliability and will go a very long time before they break down. However, when they do break down mechanics will continue to inspect without fixing in which case the attraction will need to be deleted and replaced.

Ghost Town:

New guests not allowed to enter; current guests may leave if desired.

Guido Fawkes:

Enables the advanced firework editor.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel:

Existing staff become fully trained and new staff are hired fully trained.

James Hunt:

A buggy appears and you can ride in it as if you are in coaster cam. The buggy is very difficult to control and almost impossible to get to when it goes off the screen. When you are done, exit as if leaving coastercam and delete buggy as if it is scenery.


John D Rockefeller:

Increase your money by 10,000 currency.

John Wardley:

Rides and coaster tracks can be built without height limitations.

Jon Roach:

All the guests ride every ride before leaving the park.

Jonny Watts:

See your park through the eyes of the guest that you just renamed.

Jurassic Dart:

Makes the tranquilizer gun shoot dinosaurs instead of darts.

M Brookes:

Enables you to place wall pieces and other scenery items on the edge of path tiles.

Make Me Sick:

All guests become sick and vomit.

Melanie Warn:

Guests have increased happiness.

Mornington Crescent:

Shops can be built underground. Use SHIFT to raise or lower an object's position.


All guests stand around looking down at the ground. The direction in which the guests are looking can be changed with the computer mouse.



Guests will take out cameras and take pictures.


Animals constantly breed.

Rick Griffiths:

Changes the inside of a tunnel from rubble to sharks on both sides, and on the ceiling and the floor.

Sam Denney:

All the guests ride every coaster before leaving the park.


Guests temporarily lose their balance.

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