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I am pleased to be able to feature this set in our first Showcase! Xistics Garden Eden is a moderately sized set that comes in beautiful white and pink marble textures. This set is most notable for its distinctive arches.

The set is made up of a few path tiles, path edging, fountains, a wall with railing, an open gazebo, a little foliage, and a modern sculpture. The sculpture appears to be made of glass and it lights up at night.

Although your park guests won’t sit in the gazebo the park bench is functional. This third version of Xistics Garden Eden comes with shared textures.

Take a look at our Xistics Garden Eden Showcase! Video:

My Projects - My Videos - Video Thumbnail: Showcase! Summer 2017: Xistics Garden Eden v3, Image 06

Xistics Garden Eden v3 is available now at File Transfer Database.

Download: File Transfer Database: