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As the title indicates this pool complex was used as the demonstration model for our Fall 2020 Showcase!: TNS Pool Paths & TNS Pool Terrain.

Image 01, My Downloads - Coasters, Rides, & Attractions - TNS Showcase! Demonstration Pool Complex - Primary Demo Screenshot

This pool is now available at File Transfer Database. Included in the download are a sandbox park DAT file and a pool complex POOL file.

The DAT File

The pool complex has been placed into a 128 x 128 sandbox park at a good distance from the edge of the park for those who’d like other rides and attractions built around the pool, and so that the park can easily be reduced in size for those who want a smaller park.

The POOL File

For those who'd like to place the pool into their own park this file has been packed into the archive separately.


the in-game pool paths as seen,

the in-game pool add-ons (lifeguards, lounger sets, etc.) as seen, and

the three water rides ‘n’ slides illustrated:

Aqua Blaster

Body Slide

H2O Slide Bowl


Space Required:

32 x 29





Spa Pools:


High Diving Boards:

1 With 3 Boards

Wave Pools:

1 With 12 Wave Machines

Lounger Sets:




The POOL file and the DAT file do not include any custom pool scenery. They're available for download at File Transfer Database.