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To Auto-Generate Or To Use Peep Factory

We’ve already seen the disadvantages of using all game generated guests when opening huge parks. For consistency in the rate at which guests are added to our parks it would be best to use either all Peep Factory generated guests or all game generated guests at a lower guest generation rate. We’ve earlier indicated that when generating guests with Peep Factory we should use a ratio of 40% grouped guests and 60% lone guests. Let’s consider another park example and see why it’s necessary to make a choice between game generated guests or Peep Factory Guests:

Park Example G:

In this example we know the maximum guest attraction rate is 2,500. If we put 2,000 Peep Factory generated guests into our Peeps folder that we’ve generated with our 40% groups/60% lone guests formula, when all 2,000 guests in the Peeps folder had attended our park the game will start to auto-generate guests. This means:


we’d start out at a slower pace of guest arrivals with 2,000 Peep Factory generated guests attending the park, then when our attendance reached 2,000 guests,


the game engine would switch to generating all future guests using its default average of 2.5 guests per set of Group AI, and, in our park with 2,000 guests already in it, we’ll suddenly observe that because our game has taken over guest generation by producing sets of Group AI irrespective of how many guests are in each set, we’d get an increase in guests arriving at the time our park can least deal with a 250% surge in guest arrivals.

If our park is a huge park that we’ve spent a lot of time preparing, in ii this sudden surge of arriving guests into our park might be too much of an additional drain on our system that may be already close to choking on our park, and this could cause a crash. Therefore we’d want the ratio of groups to individual guests to be constant the whole time the game engine is sending them to our park.

In view of this, if you'd like only Peep Factory generated guests to attend your park you’d want to be sure you have all the Peep Factory generated guests you’ll need in your Peeps folder before you launch your game.


Peep Factory v1.0

Peep Factory is a stand alone utility that does not require installation. It allows us to generate and edit park guests without launching RCT3 and provides many more options than the in-game Peep Designer. It permits us to become as intensive as we’d like in tailoring our guests to our needs.

With Peep Factory guest groups can be made of up to 8 individuals. We can select for Peep Factory to create random groups (for which we can choose to make the oldest member group leader) or we can make up our own custom groups. At our option group members may or may not share the same last name.

If you find yourself using the same cheats each time you play the game there is also an option to select the cheat names you want to include in your Peeps folder. Peep Factory can produce one guest for each cheat name.

When creating guests Peep Factory allows us to choose the following guest variables:

Gender & Age

Body Type and Head & Hair Style

Lower Clothing & Upper Clothing

Lower Bathing Suit & Upper Bathing Suit

That Particular Guest's Intensity Preference

These types can be selected or de-selected at various percentages. To save the gamer entering numbers in various fields there are slider bars in this utility that enable us to easily select our desired percentages for each type. The slider bars interact with each other so that if, for example, we choose 25% with one slider bar, the other bars will all move so that they total 75%. This is demonstrated in the example image below.

Image 01 Showing Peep Factory Main Screen, RCT3 FAQ: Guest Generation, Park Capacity, And Peep Factory, Page 2

Image 02 Showing Peep Factory Appearance Screen, RCT3 FAQ: Guest Generation, Park Capacity, And Peep Factory, Page 2

Ticking the box to enable Soaked! options will enable us to use Peep Factory to customize the swimsuits that are worn by our guests.

Image 02 Showing Peep Factory Appearance Screen, RCT3 FAQ: Guest Generation, Park Capacity, And Peep Factory, Page 2

Peep Designer and Peep Factory files are created with a TXT extension. Peep Factory will name any file it generates with the prefix PeepFactory. The remainder of the file name will be an 8-digit hexadecimal code which makes it easy for us to identify the files inside our Peeps folder.

Image 03 Showing Contents Of Example Peeps Folder, RCT3 FAQ: Guest Generation, Park Capacity, And Peep Factory, Page 2

Groups we generate with Peep Designer will be placed into a single TXT file and named with the group name/family name that we selected while designing our group. Likewise, Peep Factory will put any group we generate into a single Peep Factory TXT file but will prefix that file and issue it a hexadecimal code as mentioned above. Peep Factory will create groups and lone guests in a general manner with file names made up randomly from hexadecimal codes. With our game launched the game engine will send Peep Factory guests to our park in hexadecimal order, something that's confirmed if we've used the same Peep Factory guests in our Peeps folder for a long period of time and have observed that the same guests are the first to arrive each time we open a park with no guests yet in it. Based on the aforementioned, our Peep Factory guests arriving at our parks in hexadecimal order ensures that the stream of guests entering our park will be made up of a chance mix of lone guests and differently sized groups who will arrive at our park in a way that resembles natural guest arrivals.

If we are creating groups with Peep Factory and are at the same time creating cheats, depending on the number of guests we’re creating and how many of those guests are grouped Peep Factory may include our cheats within our groups.

Although this isn’t something any of us would want in real life, with Peep Factory it’s possible for lone children to attend our park in addition to lone teens and lone adults.

The Game Engine And The Peeps Folder

The game engine will prioritize files it finds in the Peeps folder that were made with Peep Designer and will send those guests to our park first. After that it's next priority will be to send Peep Factory guests to our park.

It can be hit and miss placing Peep Factory guests into our Peeps folder while the game is launched. Sometimes the game will acknowledge our new PeepFactory files and start sending them to our park while other times we’ll need to exit RCT3 and re-launch. If we already have game generated guests in our park and decide later we’d like all Peep Factory guests in that park we’d need to send all our game generated guests home and re-open the park after we’ve loaded our Peep Factory guests into our Peeps folder.

If we choose to delete our custom peeps with Peep Factory, technically we can select the option to only delete Factory Peeps but sometimes it will delete every guest in our Peeps folder including those created by Peep Designer. Instead of deleting guests with Peep Factory it is best to use Windows Explorer and manually select & delete the contents of our Peeps folder, especially if it contains a combination of Peep Designer and Peep Factory guests.

As a matter of interest all guests in the Peeps folder that leave your park to go home are recycled and re-used later as new guests by the game engine. What this means is if you ran a medium sized park that attracted a maximum of 2,000 guests, and you had placed 2,500 Peep Factory guests into your Peeps folder, if the maximum guest attraction level never changed the game engine would perpetually use and reuse the 2,500 Peep Factory generated guests in your Peeps folder.


So as we've seen there are several options from which to choose in order to get our guests attending our parks in a way that suits us. These possibilities are hugely expanded with Peep Factory which, in addition to the guest generation rate, allows us control over guest arrivals and enables us to customize the characteristics of the guests we'd like see in our parks.

A full range of details outlining the true potential of Peep Factory can be seen at where you'll find Mark Allen's comprehensive Peep Factory fact sheet.

If you'd like to see what Peep Factory can do for you it's available now at File Transfer Database.

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